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Published April 4, 2011 by Mary Jane

Morning People, hope this post finds you all well 🙂 I had another hectic weekend again. I do struggle to have a nice quiet weekend and despite having cut down my work hours to 4 days a week – I find myself even more busier with things to catch up and do. Oh well, I’ll eventually get there. So sorry, I haven’t been posting as regularly as I should be. Well, what’s happening over my world, tomorrow is Pandabear and our 3 year wedding anniversary we have booked ourselves in for a nice degustation dinner at Amuse – I’m really looking forward to it as I haven’t had degustation in Perth for a long time and apparently the reviews for this particular restaurant is fantastic so I’m looking forward to tasting their dishes and I’ll definitely do a post later on as well 🙂

Apart from everything else we are quite behind for our daily walk reading but we’re trying to get back on track so I can also do some blog post on the progress of our reading and what lessons we’ve learnt from our daily devotions…besides all the mad things that’s been happening lately, juggling between church ministries, work, family, cooking, meeting up with accountant/mortgage mob etc I’ve had to postpone my meeting with my mate Jon again regarding planning for our business venture/ideas. I feel alittle bad, but fortunately Jon understands I’m just a little under the pump at the moment and he is very understanding and often reminds me not to get too busy with other things in my life. So yes, hopefully this Friday I’ll be able to sit down with him and go through the initial planning stage – I shall keep you guys in the loop 🙂

My vegie patch is doing quite well. Apart from my basil and corianders which are dying – everything else is growing quite well – I’ll be doing another blog post and probably one of these days I’ll be able to harvest my rocket and lettuce soon 🙂


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