Restaurant Review – J-Pub Shogun (Melbourne)

Published March 24, 2011 by Mary Jane

Anyways, on our last day prior to us moving back from Melbourne back to Perth. Pandabear and I were madly trying to pack, clean and organise our car relocation, organising professional cleaners to clean and steam clean our carpets and meeting up with our rental agent for a handover. So we were extremely busy for the whole day, and then Pandabear asked me what would you like for dinner for our last night in Melbourne? I thought he was going to say Old Town Kopitiam cos that’s one of his favourite place to eat. But I felt like Japanese (yes, I’m a Jap Food Fan!!) So while we were walking along the street we located this Japanese restaurant which we’ve never been and I’ve never read a review on it before…

We were staring at the menu outside and it looks pretty good, even though it’s a pub – we know from experience pub food is usually quite tasty and large proportion to compensate for the drinkers 🙂 Pandabear and I don’t really drink we were just there for the food 🙂 The decor inside was really modern and has those Japanese style lanterns around the sushi bar which I thought was rather nice.

We went through their extensive list of menu – and decided we’ll share our entrees and mains. For drinks Pandabear had his usual lemon lime and bitter

For entree, we opt for prawn skewers and takoyaki (octapus balls) one of my favourite Japanese dish. When the dishes arrived we were end up with Edamame (soybeans) anyways, Pandabear is not very fond of soybeans so I ended up eating a whole basket worth of it. They were quite tasty and addictive, we thought it might be complimentary but ofcourse I think the Japanese waitress heard wrong and gave us an extra dish of edamame (nevermind, I really enjoyed it) 🙂

The prawn skewers were grilled and they were juicy and flavoursome and for takoyaki – they were fantastic nice bonitos on top, flavoursome and huge servings too 🙂

As for mains, Pandabear went for sukiyaki and I opt for my usual sushi – dragon roll sushi

The sukiyaki was really tasty – it even came with an egg yolk and in a stone pot which is boiling hot. I loved the presentation of my dragon sushi roll, it had the pickled bright red radish and a mustard sauce which I’ve never had it with sushi before. I usually go with horseradish (wasabi sauce) so I thought that was rather interesting.

Overall, we were happy with our meals – they were tasty and nicely presented. It was rather packed with people that night and there were only 2 waitresses on that night. However, we were really happy with our services. Here’s the rating:

Dining Experience: 4 star
Food Experience: 4 star
Would I recommend it? Yes!


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