Gadget Review – Thermo Mix

Published March 23, 2011 by Mary Jane

Okies, I haven’t done a gadget review for ages. Anyways, this particular gadget I don’t own simply because it cost an arm an a leg to buy roughly around $2000. I need to think twice when it comes to purchasing something that’s quite expensive, consider I collect gadgets – apparently I was told this gadget does everything from steaming, mixing, risottos, breads, etc but it doesn’t do baking or stir fries. So my sister in law decided to organise a Thermo Mix demo. This lady comes to your home and gives you a demo of machine and you get to taste the food she makes from thermo mix πŸ™‚

My first impression of the machine, well it’s huge – kinda reminds me of a spaceship hehehehe. It has a weighing capacity which allows you to add in ingredients and weighs it at the same time – so there’s no measuring spoons, weigher or cups required which is handy, there’s a spatula for stirring and a oval shape container for steaming, a metal bowl for mixing. There’s even a timer function. So First up the demo lady gave us a brief run down of how the machine works, cook books, and pamphlets to show us why we should purchase the gadget…

So the demo lady brought along all the raw ingredients and first up she’s making some strawberry sorbet with fresh strawberries, ice and icing sugar and that was it. Within few minutes of using the machine it whipped up a nice refreshing strawberry sorbet. We were really impressed…

She then went on and made some cream cheese dip and beetroot salad – they were both very tasty and was done within few minutes…I was really impressed πŸ™‚

Then it was time for some yummy and crusty bread, which the demo lady added in some bread flour and yeast and warm water and the thermo mix was able to whip it up into a perfect dough. It obviously doesn’t bake so we had to wait for the yeast to rise and then she popped them into the oven. Wola! Fresh baked homemade bread πŸ™‚

Then she made some really nice mushroom white wine risotto. Now normally risotto takes around 45min at least to make them. But this time, within 10 minutes the thermo mix was able to mix and cook the risotto and it tasted fantastic! πŸ™‚

Then she finished off with a fresh watermelon juice…

Overall, I was really impressed with the short span of time it takes to make everything. But by buying this gadget I’ll have to get rid of my weigher, measuring cups/spoons, steamer, mixer etc Also when it mixes stuff it makes a really loud noise and the machine actually vibrates on the table. Which if you can get past that it’s actually is quite an awesome piece of machine. My sister in law ended purchasing one and used it nearly everyday to cook baby food. Another handy tip – they make really good baby food πŸ™‚

Maybe one day I might buy it, if I managed to sell all my other gadgets off and that I have enough space in my pantry/cupboard to store this gadget I might consider getting one…


2 comments on “Gadget Review – Thermo Mix

  • Hey Maryann,
    A great honest review. I actually have the Thermomix and just to clarify, it *does* stir-fry, it just doesn’t deep fry πŸ™‚
    For me, it’s worth every penny, but then again, you’re right, I didn’t have too many other appliances to begin with πŸ™‚

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