Oriental Tea House (Melbourne)

Published March 22, 2011 by Mary Jane

Anyways, while I was in Melbourne I took every opportunity to visit all sorts of restaurants, cafes and tea houses to enhance my culinary taste buds…one random day as I was walking around the city area attending my various appointments crossing ANZ bank and at that moment I heard my name being called. I turned around and wow it was my little Cousin Alan! How coincidental is that, out of no where and at the same time he was walking back to work and he spotted me. So he said have I had lunch and I said yup, so he said he’ll take me out for a drink. How nice πŸ™‚

We went to this nice little oriental tea house. It reminds me of T2 in Perth where they sell these awesome flavoured tea. Not only they sell tea but they also do dim sums. Unfortunately, I just had lunch so couldn’t fit any more dim sum into my fat tummy. So I decided to have a nice raspberry ice tea πŸ™‚ it was rather hot that day.

Now, just as we were standing at the counter to pay I spotted a section that sells take away dumplings πŸ™‚ They are frozen ones which you can buy and cook them at home…what a smart idea…

Overall, I enjoyed my tea πŸ™‚ the waitress were really friendly and we got our drinks straight away…I would definitely go back again to try out their dumplings…


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