Restaurant Review – Nasi Lemak House (Melbourne)

Published January 17, 2011 by Mary Jane

Evening bloggy friends, sorry I haven’t been posting lately – just recently had my early 30th birthday celebration so been quite busy lately…I’m slowly recovering from it but I’m glad everything went well and the weather was fantastic – really thank God…I will post some pictures later on. Also another special note this year 2011, there will be more human photos in my post! Okies, back to restaurant review post. This particular restaurant was recommended by our friend Justin. It’s on one of his food list to try. Anyways, I’ve never been a great fan of Nasi Lemak. I would occasionally eat it but wouldn’t crave for it. We went with two of our friends one week night and apparently you don’t have to book just rock up and hope there’s a table available.

When you arrive into the shop, it’s tiny – only a handful of tables and it’s quite a casual or should I say a budget “student” area. They have a huge menu board on their wall and you order at the front counter and pay first.

Then infront of the tables there’s a shelf where you can help yourself to water, cutlery and napkins – yup you know it’s a casual/budget place when you have to help yourself to some water and cutlery hehehehe.

So I decided to have Nasi Lemak ofcourse you must try one at Nasi Lemak House that’s their specialty and a friend of ours had that too. Pandabear isn’t into Nasi Lemak as the sambal is generally spicy so he opt for their shanghanese Ban Mein (flat white noodle soup) and my other friend had Randan Beef Curry. So within minutes our dishes arrived at our table!

Randan Beef Curry

Randan Beef Curry

To be honest, when the Randan Beef Curry arrived – we were a little shock as the curry kinda reminds us of something yucky like poo poo yucky! Ewe…gross…anyways, poor friend had to endure us staring at his plate of yucky poo poo like curry. The taste of the dish according to my friend was pretty average. Then Pandabear’s dish arrived shortly…

Shanghanese Ban Mein

Shanghanese Ban Mein

Well, the Shanghanese Ban Mein’s presentation was alot better than the Randan beef curry but according to Pandabear it was average too, nothing special. We were thinking to ourselves, maybe the Nasi Lemak will make up for the other average dishes. So finally both of our nasi lemak dishes arrived!

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak

Well, the Nasi Lemak’s presentation seemed ok – it had all the right ingredients – anchovies, sambal, fried egg, cucumbers, peanuts, papa dams and fried chicken. But seriously, I was really shocked they only gave us a drum should come with at least two pieces of chicken. So I think it was alittle on the stingy side for servings. Also the fried chicken was really really dry – the meat is not juicy and tender anymore which made it worse!!

So overall, our meals were pretty disappointing. I mean, yeah it’s cheap but you would think a Nasi Lemak House would make an awesome Nasi Lemak. So here’s my rating:

Dining experience: 2 star
Food experience: 2 star
Would I recommend it? No!


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