Comfort Food Recipe – Taiwanese Burger Buns (Gua Bao)

Published January 8, 2011 by Mary Jane

Evening Bloggy friends, time for another comfort food recipe post. This time is our famous Taiwanese burger bun aka gua Bao. It’s sound rather odd isn’t it burger buns – not the ones you get from fast food joint like McDonalds or Hungry Jacks but this is a Bao white buns make into a shape similar to hamburger buns but instead of it been seasame bun it’s a white bun! I used to have it when I was young in Taiwan and they’re delicious, they used to sell it in the markets – instead of beef patties we have pork belly served with pickled vegies, sugar and peanuts. Kinda like a sweet, salty and tangy taste! Hard to describe. I was so excited when I come across these Burger buns in an Asian Grocery store so I bought a packet. However, it’s been left in my freezer for so long that I decided it was time to cook them and ended up subsituting it with random ingredients in my fridge as I didn’t have any pork belly – the master of random mix! So below is My version of Gua Bao!


1 x packet of Taiwanese burger buns (Gua Bao)
1 x can vegetarian mix vegies
1 x egg
1 x piece of nice steak (for meat lovers)
a small piece of ginger


1. drizzle some oil in hot pan and slice the small piece of ginger into julienne and place it into the pan until fragrant and then add in a can of vegetarian mix vegies. You can buy a can of these at any grocery store – they are quite yummy – usually comes with bamboos, mushrooms, fungus, carrots and some soya bean vegetarian vegies and throw in some chopped chinese vegies. It’s one of my most delicious vegetarian dish!

2. pan fry your egg season with salt

3. pan fry your steak and season with salt and pepper. The authentic style is to have it with pork belly which I didn’t have. You would cook the pork belly with garlic, oil, five spice, white pepper, one or two star anise and soya sauce and stew it until the pork belly falls apart. So yeah it’s kinda like a steak burger bun – Asian style hehehehe

4. steamed the burger buns – you can either microwave it for a few minute with drizzle of water on the plate to create some steam effect. Or you can do it the proper way, steam it in a steamer which ofcourse taste better. I went for the microwave option 🙂

5. Last bit is to assemble your burger bun putting everything together. The great thing about the burger buns is that you can place as much filling as you want. Authentic style is to serve it with peanut and sugar and coriander. But I didn’t have them, but the vegetarian mix has it’s own sauce so I used that as a substitution.



vegetarian stir fry

vegetarian stir fry

It was rather tasty, except I thought the taste of the buns seemed a little funny – then I checked the packet’s expiry date and realised it was expired already! Oops, I quickly stopped Pandabear from devouring into his steak burger bun and told him the buns have expired already. So we had to chuck our buns away and just ate the filling 😦 next time I know to steam my buns straight away instead of leaving them in the freezer and forget about it…


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