Restaurant Review – Casalingo Italian Restaurant (Apollo Bay)

Published January 7, 2011 by Mary Jane

Anyways, so it was time for dinner after we’ve had checked into our hotel. We roam around the streets of Apollo Bay to decide what we should eat for dinner. We saw a pub and walked in and checked out their menu – not much there and it’s mainly snacks, so we decided to walk out and continue checking out shops and restaurants. We came across this little restaurant quite isolated from other shops and restaurants and read their menu. Italian food, mmm…yup we feel like some Italian food.

The friendly waitress greeted us with a warm smile and sat us down on the table…by about 7pm I was starting to feel alittle worried as we were the only table there. Either it’s just a quiet night or the restaurant food isn’t too crash hot. The restaurant ambiance was warm, it had pink walls and some nice paintings on the wall – which I found out they had a price tag on, so they were actually artist who place their art work there to sell. The place was a little dark, but I guess it kinda set that romantic mood – which is suitable for couples :-). Then we realised there were lots of people rocking up to order takeaway. So I guess the locals here prefer grabbing takeaways than dining in the restaurant. Phew…

We weren’t terribly hungry and when we asked the waitress how large are the main servings she replied they are not very huge. We decided to try 3 main dishes and some dessert, the waitress recommended us to try out some gelati icecream down the street – it’s a famous icecream place in Apollo Bay. With that in mind we decided not to over order in the restaurant…

Seafood Pizza

Seafood Pizza

The woodfired seafood pizza was divine, you can clearly see the prawns and mussels with some anchovies poking out and it’s generously covered by lots of yummy stringy cheese πŸ™‚ delicious!

The next dish was panfried salmon served with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and capers salad and it comes with some olive oil dippings. I must admit the serving was quite small, but that’s ok it tasted quite nice we all had some mouthful…

Our last dish was mushroom and bacon white cream sauce penne. It was really yummy, not overly creamy and quite flavoursome πŸ™‚ so overall, we were really happy with our main course. There was still room for some desserts!

We decided to try out some fruity desserts, so the orange trio caught our attention – it has a brulee, orange flourless cake and semi-alfredo :-). The semi-alfredo was the winner of this dish, it was very tasty – however it melted quite quickly you’ve got to be quick otherwise it’ll be a pool of semi-alfredo soon!

The waitress recommended their famous tiramisu it’s to die for. So we decided to follow the waitress’s recommendation and to our surprise the tiramisu wasn’t what we expected, it was served in a glass along with a huge piece of almond biscotti. The taste was quite nice, but it’s not the best one I’ve had. I think Ciao Italia’s Restaurant in Perth serves better tiramisu. Still we were happy with our dessert! And it was time to check out the icecream place πŸ™‚

Here’s my rating:

Dining Experience: 4 star
Food Experience: 3.5 star
Would I recommend? Yes!


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