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Published January 7, 2011 by Mary Jane

Okies, time for some reflection and update. Well, my mate Jonathan and his family were over in Melbourne for a friend’s wedding so we caught up for dinner and some random chats. Jonathan owns a health food store and for his side business he does wedding photography. Please check out his wedding photography work – he’s a freelance and self-taught (Jonathan Pang Photography) he’s very talented and over the years I see his photography evolving into some stunning professional shots. He’s doing very well, consider that he’s a self-taught and have no background in this field he managed to score himself the appointed photographer for Myers 🙂 So we’ve been brewing up some business ideas during this chat. We both sat down and talked about how we would like to collaborate together and establish a New Food Blog together. This food blog will be different to any other food blogs – I’m going to keep the details as a secret as it’s still in the early stages of planning. I’m really excited as Jonathan is not only talented in photography but he’s a great business man.

I’m sure putting our brains together, something great will come out of it. We all got to start from somewhere and even though it seems like it’ll take awhile for us to reach our goals, we both believe this new idea is going to work! He’s already thinking about 5-10 years down the track. Where is me, I’m more of a conservative type of girl – I like to do my planning and ask many questions – what about this? Is this going to work? How are we going to do this? Like any other business ideas, one must have a business plan first! The great thing about this business idea is that we don’t have to invest in large sums of money. We just invest in our time and resources! If it doesn’t work out, well it’ll be a great learning experience for both of us 🙂 So stayed tuned and I’ll let you guys know how we go…I’m really excited and ofcourse I’ll have to start some planning once I return back to Perth. So wish me luck! 🙂


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