Great Ocean Road Trip (Melbourne)

Published January 6, 2011 by Mary Jane

Afternoon Bloggy Friends, hope this post finds you all well. I’m feeling a little on the crappy side, got home last night with a really sore throat – No! It’s one of the symptoms I often get when I’m coming down with a cold. So while Pandabear was reading the bible to me, I fell asleep this was around 8.30pm and then I woke up around 10pm feeling really warm, slightly high temperature so took some panadol and attempt to go back to bed. Unfortunately, I couldn’t – tossing and turning didn’t go to bed till 4am in the morning so had to call into work sick. Since I’m a contractor, I only get paid for rocking up to work – I didn’t feel too bad calling in sick today. So I thought I’ll take this opportunity to update my post to keep me awake from sleeping during day time so that I can sleep well at night time 🙂

Anyways, I’ve mentioned before my Mummy and my little Sis recently paid us a visit while we were in Melbourne for a week and we decided to take them to the Great Ocean Road Trip. It’s famous for it’s beautiful and amazing 12 Apostle Rocks view and the Ocean. So here’s some shots taken with our road trip drive…

What’s a road trip without a snack, here’s one of my favourite snacks – we had quite a few but this stood out by far 🙂

Came across rolls of hays on the green grass field, from far they looked like brown animals until we got closer and realised they were actually rolls of hays (very interesting)

Then I spotted lots of brown MooMoos (aka Cows) – they seemed so carefree! Strolling around in the green grass field chewing some hay. The scenery was beautiful 🙂

Our first stop over was at Lorne where we decided to have fish and chips for lunch 🙂 The fish and chips joint was a casual dining place – I guess famous for their fish and chips. When we walked into the restaurant, I was entertained by it’s wall decorations of different fish and sardines and their cute fish menu sign boards 🙂 There were 3 handsome fella standing at the counter and you’ll get occasional tanned and toned looking blokes with their tops off arriving for lunch from the beach (not that I was checking them out – LOL). The whole ambiance of the restaurant was casual and relaxing kinda reminds me of cottesloe beach back home in Perth.

We decided to share between the four of us. Some seafood platter with salads, that was really nice – it had a snapper, prawns and calamari to go with the salads. The serving size was a little on the small, but it was tasty. We also had some servings of fish with scallops and calamari separately with some tartar sauce and they served large portions of chips separately which was nice. Overall the food was pretty good, the only criticism I had was that when we reached to the bottom of the salad – it was frozen!! I mean we could have gone back and told them to provide us some more salad but we ate most of it already and just left behind some frozen lettuce and capsicum.

seafood platter with salads

seafood platter with salads

After our fish and chips lunch it was time to hit the road and continue driving to reach our destination of Great Ocean Road! It was sure a windy road along the hill sides but the views are absolutely amazing and breath taking. Here’s one of the amazing and wonderful shot along our road trip…

It took us a few hours of driving along the windy hills and we had to take occasional stops by the petrol station to recover from the dizziness and nausea from billions of turns around sharp corners. We eventually arrived at the 12 Apostles!

We were told the viewing point or look out closes at 5pm and we had 15 minutes to quickly get down and climb along the bridges to view the amazing 12 Apostles. It started to drizzle with rain and the sky was looking very cloudy indeed. We were hoping that it will only remain as drizzle as we didn’t have any umbrellas with us, apart from my hood! It was well worth the drive, the rocks were amazing – a great demonstration of God’s creation. We were trying to count all the rocks but it didn’t add up to 12?! Then we realised there were really smaller ones hidden behind the bigger rocks so all in all it should add up to 12 – hence the 12 Apostles! Here’s some of the shots of the amazing rocks by the ocean side…

Thank goodness the rain started to clear and we were able to walk along the bridges to take photos and view the amazing 12 apostles and it was time to head back home, the sky started to look really gloomy and cloudy and it we made it back to our car with rain started to pour!

It was time to head to checked into our hotel – Comfort Inn in Apollo Bay and have some dinner there…

To be continued…


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