Dessert – Thailand Layer Kuih (aka sticky iky cake)

Published January 3, 2011 by Mary Jane

Hello people, this time heading back home to Perth my mummy said to me. I’ve located one of your many many cook books (as most of you know I have millions of cook books courtesy of my friends who knows I love to cook but what they don’t know is I’m also lazy when it comes to following cook books so most of the time they just sit on my shelves collecting dust!). So my mummy showed me this Malaysian Kuih recipe book which was given to me by one of my Malaysian friend, and I’ve never made any kuihs before so it’ll be a challenge indeed. My mummy went and bought all the ingredients and all I have to do is bring my bluey scale and we’ll be able to make the kuih. The recipe we’ve chosen is Thailand Layer Kuih…



recipe book

recipe book

Now the recipe seemed easy enough. Just combine all the different flours together – rice flour, tapioca flour, sago flour and coconut milk and syrup.

To be honest the kuih mixture consistency was really thick, my mummy shouted “why is it so thick? Could it be that you pour the hot syrup in instead of letting it cool down first?” mmm… true that could be one of the reasons why the mixture was so thick..but the recipe didn’t say to let the syrup cool down first. We’re both scratching our heads, but anyways – will just have to soldier on and see whether the kuih turns out. The next fun bit is to divide into 3 bowls and pour in few drops of colouring. One bowl for white, 2nd bowl for yellow and 3rd bowl for green aka pandan flavour.

Now the preparation time probably took us around 10-15 minutes which is pretty good, but the steaming down was a little tedious. You need to steam the kuih in layers and each layer took a few minutes so there’s meant to be around 9 layers so in total we took up to an hour to make this kuih…here’s some photos of each individual steaming of kuih in layers…

Anyways the Kuih mixture consistency was really thick so it made it really hard to spread it evenly across the steamer. I think that’s one of the reason as to why our yellow and green colour layer mixture kinda got mixed together.

Now it was time to fish it out of the steamer and well, it looked nothing like the one in the recipe book – it was kinda flat and I had to wait till it cool down first before I could slice it open to see the cross section of the kuih.

After some slicing, well it looks more like a 4 layer kuih as suppose to the one on the recipe book that has clear 9 layers. It was time for some taste test, well the kuih flavour is quite nice – abit of pandan and coconut flavour but the kuih texture was way too soft and sticky. It needs to be more firm and less floppy and soft or what we would call “it needs a bit of a ‘Q’ taste”

Well, our first attempt of Thailand Layer Kuih is not too bad – I still think the reason the texture isn’t there has got to do with the consistency of the kuih mixture (being too thick) so I think it’s worth trying again next time. But I think I’ll try out their savoury recipe, I’m more of a savoury type of girl πŸ™‚ It was fun steaming these kuihs with my mummy and we said to ourselves we’ll try again next time to achieve that perfect Kuih consistency. Another special note, please don’t do what we did – store these kuihs into the fridge as it became rubbery and chewy and I had to throw the rest of them in the bin!

Till next time πŸ™‚


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