Jamie’s Cook Book Challenge – Fifteen Chocolate tart

Published December 15, 2010 by Mary Jane

Evening Bloggy friends, hope this post finds you all well. It’s time to get back to Jamie’s cook book challenge again 🙂 Anyways, came across this chocolate indulgence recipe and most of you guys know I love everything that’s associated with chocolate – chocolate icecream, chocolate cake, chocolate flavoured drinks, hot chocolate, chocolate cheese cake etc.. But I’m not really a chocolate on it’s own type of girl. There’s only certain chocolates I love…anyways, wanted to try out this recipe. Why did I say the recipe is full of chocolate indulgence cos even the pastry is also made with chocolate.

So here it is…



next step – creaming the butter, sugar and salt

next step making my chocolate pastry

now it was time to rest the dough in the fridge for an hour. I was starting to think my dough looks huge for the size of a tart tin..oh well, the recipe says to add that much flour…

time to take out the dough and roll it flat to fit onto my tart tin…honestly, there was way too much dough and I ended up rolling it to a very thick size. Fortunately, my sister in law was with me and she said the dough looks really thick, so I decided to re-roll again to a thinner size, the amount of dough we had was enough to make 2 chocolate tarts – no kidding 🙂

Then it was time to pop them into the freezer for 1/2 hour and then baking time. I had my ceramic baking beads that my little sister gave me for my birthday prezzie so they came in handy…Jamie said to blind bake the pastry.

Then it was time to make the filling – my favourite bit. Time to melt close to two full bars of chocolate, whole milk, double cream, sugar and eggs. This is going to be so rich…

So that it’s easier to pour into my tart tin, I decided to pour the filling mixture into a jug 🙂

Now it was time to pour the filling into the tart and bake it…for some strange reason, there were heaps of it left over…

Now it was time to grab the tart out of the oven. For some strange reason, the top section of the chocolate tart filling was not looking smooth at all, in fact it was bubbling when I was peeking at it inside the oven. I suspect either it was overcooked or the temperature was too high. My oven is pretty unreliable it hasn’t got a digital setting for the temperature control hence the temperature can be slightly off at times.

Time to cool the tart 🙂

Time to check out the cross section of the chocolate indulgence tart 🙂

So overall, the tart tasted really good but I reckon if I didn’t overcook the tart filling it would have been perfect and gooey inside it. But I followed the exact timing and temperature for the tart – not sure what happened there. Another strange thing is that I’m left with enough tart pastry and filling to make a second tart. So my first tart went to Church on Sunday and it was all gone left with one tiny mouth piece which went into my mouth 🙂 and the second tart I baked to take to work and my colleagues said “this tart is delicious!” but they didn’t finished it off cos they were trying to stay healthy and this rich tart was too evil and too chocolate indulgence for their liking…I admire their self-control cos I’m pretty sure it would have been gone if I took it to work back home hehehehe…I’m going to write to Jamie to tell him about his measurements, some instructions are also not very well written…After making two tarts I still had some dough and filling left over which I’m going to bake them into tiny biscuits 🙂

Cook book challenge success? Yup 🙂


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