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Published December 7, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello Bloggy friends,

Long time no post…it’s been a hectic week with my little sister and mum paying me a visit. We had a fiasco of eating, shopping, time wasting and the list goes on. So now I’m exhausted and some kgs heavier due to constant eating out and not having much of JC meals…okies I need to catch my breath – phew. What’s been happening over my world. Well, I have recently resigned from my work due to hurting my right wrist/arm from repetitious mouse work & bad posture. Yeah, who would have thought that I would hurt myself from work rather than from excessive blogging and facebooking. God closes one door and open up another door, I later on received a phone call from the same company who offered me another role less intense on mouse work so my plan of being a bum from Dec/Jan exploring around Melbourne has now gone out the window and it’s back to work for me tomorrow. I’m thankful for this opportunity as it means more shopping money for our Europe trip in February next year 🙂

What’s been happening lately, well this month has just started and I have managed to hurt my right wrist/arm, hurt my left toe (tripping over some metal sliding door thingy), a bruise on my right arm from acupuncture, dodgy left knee from perhaps too much walking/shopping with my little sister and mum and the list goes on…so this month I must be very careful not to hurt myself more as I’ve been quite clumsy and accident prone 😦

I’m way behind with my Jamie’s cook book challenge and I need to get back on baking desserts and moving onto the savoury section – testing out my home made pasta machine (which I secretly purchased without telling Pandabear – evil laughs)

I’m now gobbling down some awesome ilgelato and will try to blog more post some time this week….

So stay tuned….


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