Jamie’s cook book challenge – 1980s-style Black Forest Swiss roll

Published November 19, 2010 by Mary Jane

Evening Bloggy friends, hope everyone is doing well for a Friday 🙂 Well, my wrist is feeling much better now so I’m glad I took the week off work to rest my wrist let’s hope it stays this way as I’ll be returning back to work next week…

Anyways, on my day off work this week I went over to my sister in law’s place for some baking. I’ve always wanted to make some Swiss roll so came across this particular recipe from Jamie’s cook book. I’ve been told Swiss rolls are hard to make especially the rolling part. But it’ll be a challenge…or a disaster…

Anyways, the recipe starts by whisking the eggs and sugar for 2 or 3 minutes until trebled in size and when you stop the mixer and lift the beaters up the egg foam sticking to them will drip back down into the bowl. Jamie’s instruction was to count to ten and if you can still clearly see the ribbon of foam that has dripped off the beaters, then the mixture has passed the ‘ribbon test’. I’ve never heard of the ribbon test before, as you guys know I’m not very good with baking as I don’t really stick to the exact measurement. So we did what the book told us and I still don’t see any ribbons at all. So we decided to just bake the chocolate sponge. When it came out of the oven, it was a little hard and dark compared to the photo in the cook book…

Then we made the chocolate cream by mixing chocolate with cream…

It was time to cook the cherries with orange juice and orange zest and sieve the cherries and you are left with cherries syrup goodness 🙂

Then it was time to whip the cream..

Followed by chocolate shavings…

Then it was time to assemble the whole swiss roll together. First you need to brush the chocolate sponge with some cherry syrup, put a layer of chocolate cream, followed by whipped cream and sprinkle the cherries on top and you’re ready to roll the swiss roll…

It actually looks rather pretty with this initial stage of assembling. For some reason, the sponge cake was still pretty hard and I had that gut feeling I’m going to have trouble rolling this swiss roll up. I was right, while I attempt to roll the swiss roll the whole lot of fillings squeezed out and the sponge instead of rolling smoothly like a sushi roll collapsed and snapped! NO!!! I screamed!! The whole swiss roll looks like it’s been run over by a truck…or close to some one throwing up…

I was really disappointed. It was either leaving this miserable swiss roll behind or use my years of cake salvaging experience and try to salvage this swiss roll. So I attempt to transfer half of the sponge to a square container and transfer the fillings and top the other half of sponge on top so it became viola “Tira-Swiss Cake” cross between Tiramisu and Swiss roll.

We served a little piece of it for ourselves, the taste was actually quite nice except the sponge was so hard that I had to pick it up and bite it…

My sister in law decided to bake the chocolate sponge again, I really admire her persistence – pursue of excellence. If it was me, I would have given up and go with the flow. We tried to nail down what went wrong, first we thought it was the pan size so we swapped it to the correct size and then we whisk the egg and sugar extra longer to achieve the ribbon test, after 10-15 min there’s still no ribbons to be seen?? So it was time to put into the oven and bake it. Unfortunately, when we took it out it didn’t look any different from the ones we made earlier. What went wrong??? If there’s anyone out there who knows the problem, let us know. We then went online and google swiss roll and unfortunately not many recipes explains what a ‘ribbon test’ means?? So it’s still a mystery as to why our Swiss Roll failed 😦

Cook book challenge success? Nope, failed!


One comment on “Jamie’s cook book challenge – 1980s-style Black Forest Swiss roll

  • I used this recipe with my Cake Decorating class so we had 20 failures. I then remade it with Self Raising Flour and success. Mind you I used for the filling. 1 cup double cream, 1 tbs caster sugar, 1 tsp Kirsh, zest orange, juice of 1/2 orange. and whipped. I also put caster suger on the outside. Yummo

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