Leaking ceiling from the fire sprinkler…

Published November 17, 2010 by Mary Jane

Okies, another exciting thing that has recently happened to us is that one night while we were watching TV, Pandabear rushed off to our bedroom and started yelling “help me pull the mattress up the sprinkler is dripping water”. I was a bit slow that night, but just to see Pandabear jumped up and ran towards our bedroom was an amazing sight. I’m so glad Pandabear is very attention to detail and can react to emergency situation. If it was me, by the time I realised there’s a leaking roof it would have flooded our entire bedroom :-S

So Pandabear grabbed a bucket and place it directly underneath the leak. We couldn’t believe our eyes, the bucket was literally filling up the water. It wasn’t raining outside, so we decided to open our balcony window to check whether other people within the apartments had leaking ceiling problem. Nope, things pretty normal… then Pandabear decided to head down and ask our concierge to see what’s going on. To his surprise as he opened our door the outside area was leaking too and the carpet along the corridor was all wet. Apparently on his way to the concierge he saw this guy running and drenched (totally soaked in water) poor dude. We found out that someone has accidentally trigger the fire alarm and it has set off the sprinkler and some how flooded the apartment above us. It was filling up the whole apartment and that’s why it leaked through our sprinkler.

Here’s photos of our bucket which saved our mattress…

Anyways, we had to shift our mattress and laptops and other important stuff in our bedroom incase the leaking became worst. We got this massive knock on our door and it was a fireman who asked “are you guys ok?” I showed the fireman where the leak was and he replied “oh, it seems like you guys are ok…” Then he left. An hour later, we received another knock on our door. Another two firemen came and this time they asked “is everything ok?” I showed them again where the bucket and leaking roof was and they explained they are trying to get rid of the water in the apartment above us. Hopefully they will be able to sort this out ASAP and the manager will be coming to the building soon. So Pandabear and I decided to shift our bed to the TV room. Our apartment is pretty tiny so the whole bed took up our TV room and we decided to camp there for the night…

Thank God, the leaking eventually stopped and guess what we ended up camping our bed in the TV room for 2 nights cos it was kind of comfy having a bed in the TV room where I could lie on my bed and watch TV at the same time 🙂 The downside, our bed got a little wet so I had to do lots of laundry but apart from that – we’re actually ok.


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