Masterchef Audition Photos…

Published November 13, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hi Guys, as most of you know that I went for the Masterchef Auditions 2010 and been trying to track down some photos which the photographer from Herald Sun took on the day of audition. I managed to track down the Herald Sun Photo shop near Southgate and rang them up to see whether they still have a copy of published Herald Sun newspaper on 22nd October 2010. They said yeah they should have a copy and mentioned they have some digital photographs as well if I want to purchase a copy.

So I went with my mate on Wednesday to check out the newspaper and photos. When we got there, the lady had a bad hayfever – poor thing. I know how it feels…she went to the store room and got me a copy of the newspaper. I went to page 9 Masterchef Audition section and it didn’t have any photos of me or group photos of us. It did have some photos of other contestants. Feeling disappointed I decided to ask her whether she could check for me any photos on the system. She typed Masterchef audition and nothing came up, so I suggested typing my name to see whether any search of my photos would come up and Ta da!! 3 photos came up. A group photos of us girls on the audition day and 2 photos of me slaving away in the kitchen. The nice lady printed it out black and white for me for free and she asked whether I want to purchase them in colour? I stared at the photos it was going to cost me $30 to have one photo colour printed…I decided oh well, it will be a good memory for me and one day I could tell my kids “mummy was crazy enough to go for Masterchef Audition and here’s the proof!” Here are the photos…

After staring at the photographs I realised they have cropped out me and Amanda (the two Asians) on the newspaper! What?? That’s pretty racist, I mean maybe they couldn’t fit all of us in next to the article but still! Anyways, that’s ok I have a copy of group photo with me now so it’s all good…I’m so glad I have tracked down these photos as I have a fish memory these photos will remind me of my dramas of Masterchef audition.


2 comments on “Masterchef Audition Photos…

  • great journey on MasterChef!
    you should come again in the next masterchef!
    I’m now also applying for masterchef Indonesia…hope I can get there as you 🙂

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