Jamie’s Cook Book Challenge – Bloomin’ easy vanilla cheesecake

Published November 13, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello everyone, I’m so behind with Jamie’s cook book challenge with only 3 months left of Melbourne to go to do my cook book challenge, I have a feeling that I won’t be able to accomplish this. That’s ok, I can always continue when I return back to Perth 🙂

So as you guys know that I’m currently on healthy food and Pandabear isn’t too adventurous with Jamie’s food so I’ve been sticking to the dessert section of Jamie’s cook book. I came across this particular cheesecake recipe. Now I’ve baked cheesecakes before and it was disastrous simply cos I’ve either used the wrong type of cheese, trying to substitute different ingredients and over baked the cheesecake so I was hoping Jamie’s recipe will help me overcome these problems!

Here it is…

biscuit base

biscuit base

cheesecake mixture

cheesecake mixture

cherry compote

cherry compote

Okies, as you guys can tell that my cheesecake is burnt on the outside!! Yes, I couldn’t believe it I made sure that I set the timer correctly and for some strange reason the timer decided to not work on that day. So instead of baking the cheesecake for about 45min I ended up baking it for an hour+ Seriously, I was blaming the oven for not doing it’s job and thanks to Pandabear who said “your cake has been in the oven for a while” then I realised that I have forgotten about my cheesecake so I quickly ran towards the oven and it was too late. Feeling really disappointed as I was going to take this cheesecake to my friend’s house for dessert. I waited patiently to slice it open and check whether it’s still edible. To my surprise the inside was still white and moist. I decided to take it to my friend’s place anyways and try to salvage it over there…

Thankfully, thanks to my friend James who managed to use his knife skills to slice off all the burnt bits on the outside and while I was making cherry compote I got carried away staring at him salvaging my cheesecake. He said to me “how’s your cherry compote going?” I quickly remembered and ducked back to the stove “it’s all good, not burnt!” Anyways, it’s time to plate up and I decorated the cheesecake with some cherry compote and icing sugar what Jamie has instructed. Wow, it actually looks 1/2 decent and tasted quite nice. James’s wife even said she wouldn’t have noticed it was burnt and it tasted quite nice! Yay 🙂

My salvaged cheesecake

My salvaged cheesecake

Cook book challenge success? Well…..sort of…

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