Adventure to Singapore’s Universal Studio

Published November 5, 2010 by Mary Jane

Evening bloggy friends, how’s everyone doing on Friday? I love Fridays cos I know there’s no more work on the weekends yay πŸ™‚ anyways, I’m going to finish off my Singapore/Malaysia trip with Singapore’s Universal Studio. After my unpleasant experience with Singapore’s shopping and peoples attitude I was looking forward to the Universal Studio as I love rides and cartoon characters. I was hoping my tummy would be much better in time for our Universal Studio’s visit as I know we’ll be walking the whole day around the theme park and I really need to be feeling 100%. Thank God, I got better that day and we made our way to Universal studio by catching a taxi to Santosa πŸ™‚

I think the ticket cost around close to S$60 per person and you can have unlimited free rides. So it aint too bad. Upon arriving, we could spot a large globe with Singapore’s Universal studio written on it and some cute doggy character πŸ™‚ There’s also a Shrek’s souvenir shop along the way and a pop corn cart shop that sells delicious pop corns for snacks…

Anyways, we were given a map that shows which areas to cover. I’m not a map person and prefers to randomly roam around and be surprised with various rides and food. So we arrived at the section of Madagascar where there’s snack shops, carousels – which mummy and I hopped on. I think the carousel rides are mainly for kids as I didn’t see many adults. Oh well, both of us would be considered as kids due to our childish nature. So we happily hop onto the rides and it was great fun…the queues weren’t that long.

Then we continue walking through the castle entrance. The castle was both grand and beautifully built. We came across a mini roller coaster, now I’m afraid of roller coasters but this one didn’t seemed too scary. Both mummy and I went – we’re going to check the roller coaster out. Pandabear isn’t into rides as he gets the dizzy spells when he rides on them. It was great fun, mummy and I screamed a little but it wasn’t too scary, a few fast turns and before you know it, it was over!

Then we went for some through to waterworld to watch the waterworld’s show. It was great, you get to choose where you sit and the the front seats has warning signs that you will get very wet, second row was alittle wet, third row was slight drizzle and any rows after that you’ll be ok – you won’t get wet. Even though it was a hot day, none of us wanted to get wet so we sat in the fourth row. Overall, it was a humorous show showing how this hero saves this girl from the bad guys who wanted to discover where waterworld was. Anyways, there were quite a few stunts it was rather entertaining and they would spray water into the audience so most of the front row seats got wet.

After the show we were feeling hungry so it was time to eat. We spotted this food court and when we got inside it was packed with people with long queues, but as expected cos it was hot outside and inside the food court it was air conditioned. They had a few variety of dishes. A line for noodles, a line for western food and a line for rice dish. So we decided to line up the rice dish line and we opt for the chicken rice combo which comes with a soup and dessert. So we waited in a line and after we got our food we were struggling to find a table, it’s frustrating when you come across people who just sits there and not actually eating or have finished eating but refuse to get up – once again – “Singaporean Attitude” very inconsiderate. So we decided we were never going to get a table inside and went outside instead.

So consider that the meals were mass produced, the chicken was nicely done, tender and juicy served with large portion of rice and pickled vegies which was a little on the spicy side. With dessert you can either have almond jelly or green bean soup. We also ordered some additional fruit cups for fruit boost. The price of the meals were ok, we were given some meal voucher for discount and it wasn’t ridiculously expensive.

So after our lunch, we continued our journey through to the rest of the theme park. Came across a section that was an Egyptian area, wow the statues are fantastic! We even spotted a indoor roller coaster ride. Wow it was an amazing experience with special horror effects. I’m glad Pandabear didn’t come with us cos he would have screamed all the way. Both mummy and I really enjoyed our rides, it was scary and fun with our hearts constantly beating madly not really know what’s going to happen next cos the rides ended up going backwards fast down these slopes and cos it was dark it added that next level of excitement.

We also spotted this huge outdoor roller coaster ride, but it was under maintenance but even if it wasn’t don’t think mummy and I are brave enough to take on this monster roller coaster ride where it goes upside down quite often….scary!!

We then went through Sci fi City where we watched a show that show’s how graphics/effects are done on the show. It was amazing to watch how a whole film comes alive with sound effects and graphics as well. They were showing flooding and hurricanes in USA. Great show, I would highly recommend it πŸ™‚ we also watched Shrek’s 4D show which we’ve seen in Gold Coast but since my mate and mummy haven’t seen it we decided to go and watch it again – it was still funny and I have already forgotten 1/2 of it – due to my fish memory so it was still a great experience with 4D glasses.

After this we decided it was souvenir shops time πŸ™‚ there soft toys were really cute, but everything was so expensive the only souvenir items I bought was the shrek’s 3D mugs they were affordable and very worth it…so I bought 2 mugs and we also went to the lolly shop as well..

So after the souvenir shops visit we bumped into Betty Boop, madagascar characters, shrek and Po from Kunfu Panda and you can take photos with each characters except there was a long queue we managed to take some photos with a few’s a picture of Po!

Okies, pretty much we have covered all the areas, so it was time to have dinner at Vivo city shopping centre on our way back we came across this Donkey live show and it was showing in 5 minutes time, so we got tempted and went for the donkey live show which mainly consists of kids. It was the donkey from Shrek who is graphically shown on the movie screen, rather entertaining as it was an interactive show where there were dancing and singing and even audience randomly gets chosen to speak to donkey on the screen. It was cool, I’m glad we caught this show in time..

Now on our way out, the assistant asked whether we wanted to come back for the fireworks, we weren’t sure but they said they’ll stamp an uv stamp on us, incase we want to come back we can πŸ™‚ but we were so tired after dinner and dessert that we didn’t end up going back but I think the fireworks would have been amazing.

Well, overall we had lots of fun and would recommend people going to Singapore’s Universal Studio the whole theme park is well designed and have enough rides and shows to entertain people πŸ™‚ So it made our trip to Singapore a little better…


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