Adventure in Singapore

Published November 2, 2010 by Mary Jane

Okies, so after our short 2 days in Penang. We flew back to Singapore to spend our remaining few days. I have a few Singaporean friends so we decided to meet up for a nice hawker meal near our hotel. Newton Centre which is well known for it’s tourist area. It’s a true hawker place as the whole place has so many stores selling from seafood, satay sticks, fried noodles/kuey teow, chicken wings, desserts and the list goes on…it’s amazing but once you have a look around you start to pick up that every 3 stores apart they sell similar food so it was hard to decide which food to select?? Thanks to our local friends there, they recommended a few stores…so here’s some of the tasty food we’ve had…

Okies, I think we may have over ordered. This is one week worth of Singapore Hawker food in a day….I know I’m a big eater, but there was just way too much food. So I was enjoying all of them πŸ™‚ so tasty and yummy and some of the stuff I don’t have regularly in Australia. Especially clams and shell items called “gong gong” but I had a slight suspicion about “gong gong” and clams cos if they are not cooked properly you can get very sick from it, but I decided to risk it since I have a stomach of steel. The worst thing I’ll just have to go to toilet hehehe…but I was wrong, that night we returned back to our hotel feeling very full and woke up in the middle of the night with a bad tummy ache and had the runs for like 4-5 times. I was exhausted and my tummy was really sore 😦 so either I have overate or the seafood was not so clean. Thankfully, I recovered 2 days later and was able to make my way to the Universal Studio and it put me off from eating any spicy or seafood in Singapore.

The next day we made our way to one of our favourite place Old Town, we have one in Melbourne as well so it’s great to compare it’s food πŸ™‚ and one of our pilot friend Maverick took us to Killiney Kopitiam for some authentic Kaya toast along with a famous rice flour roll place and a local shopping centre. Here’s some of the dishes we ate during this trip!

Okies, that’s the food part out of the way. So here’s the shopping part, we were told that in Singapore shopping is great probably better than Malaysia in terms of it’s varieties and style. But Mummy and I were struggling to find clothes to buy cos everything was so expensive – same price as in Australia. But then we were told cos we stayed at Orchard road it has so many nice large shopping centres but cos it’s mainly a tourist place everything is a little on the the pricey end. I also had unpleasant experience shopping in Singapore. Just to give you a run down. We decided to check out some branded stuff just to compare their prices. We went to Burberry and started checking out their handbags and wallets, was struggling to find the price tag as they were hidden inside the bags. All these time the shop assistants (a few of them were just standing around none offered to help us or come over to tell us how much it cost) just because we were casually dressed in our jeans that does not mean we can’t afford the handbags!! The annoying thing was the guy would follow us around and put the item “back to it’s original position/correct position of display” so I made sure mummy and I went through the whole entire store checking out every single design of burberry bags/wallets and he literally followed us around packing every single items back to it’s original display! What a crazy dude! The prices were quite competitive and we would have bought one but since the shop assistants offered “no help” we decided not to buy!

I did however receive kind help within this little department store, two shop assistants I could recall both are from mainland chinese – that would probably explain why. They were patient in helping us with shoe sizes and clothes sizes. So I spent most of my money there πŸ™‚ We also had a nice taxi driver on our way back to the airport and he’s from Hong Kong. So I have concluded that most Singaporeans have an “attitude problem” not all but most of them. It seems like they are always cranky, snobbish, grumpy looking on the streets and their mannerism is quite appalling. Sorry but I’m just telling the truth and I hope most of my Singaporeans friends when they read this won’t be offended cos I’m not referring to them. But the taxi driver even stated that people in Singapore are rude and their mannerism is quite ugly. So there’s something for local Singaporeans to learn that is the art of hospitality from either Japan or Taiwan.

Fortunately, we spent a day at the Universal Studio which made up for all the nasty things that have happened Singapore – to be continued…


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