Weight Loss Journey – bad bad week…

Published October 28, 2010 by Mary Jane

Anyways, how’s everyone going? I’ve got a day off today which is great but it’s also a day for my weighing with Jenny Craig and I ain’t looking forward to it as I know I would have gained some Kgs. It’s been a really bad week for me after coming back from the holidays, I’m still in this eating mood and ofcourse as you guys know I pigged out on Tuesday when I gave myself that day off and ate some pizza and garlic bread. Last night I also snacked heaps cos I was really hungry and Monday I also ate out. So when I went through my freezer to find out how many meals I’ve got left I was shocked to find out I still had 4 dinner meals left in the freezer along with 3 lunch meals. How did that happen???

Anyways, it was time to face the reality I had a new consultant today – she was very nice. I must admit all the consultants I’ve had from Jenny Craig they are all really nice and skinny I must add. It must be a selection criteria to work as a consultant at Jenny Craig – skinny and nice. So I had a brief chat with my consultant and told her the bad news that I’ve still got quite a lot of left over meals which means either I have skipped some meals or I have ate out. She didn’t tell me off instead she asked what happened this week. I sort of said to her I had a stressful week at work cos I thought I nearly lost 3 months of data that I was working on and also been feeling really tired with this hayfever going on. Really, I was giving myself excuses – maybe I decided I’ve had enough of eating Jenny Craig’s food. She was really encouraging and told me that we all go through bad weeks, it just mean you start your next week fresh and hopefully you’ll be back on the right track again.

So here’s some of the food I’ve been eating with Jenny Craig…

My favourite is the chocolate mousse it’s delicious and considered it came in the powder form and all you need to do is add some milk and whip it up with the chocolate mousse powder and keep it refrigerated for 10 minutes and it’s ready for eating 🙂 I must admit I didn’t really like the chilli con carne..must be the lentil stuff, I was never into lentil stuff and I prefer my meat! I love meat! But I guess the taste and flavour was ok. So I hopped on to the scale and yes, I have gained 0.8kg for the week 😦 but I sort of expected it considered I’ve been eating out and snacking and my gym routine was only for 2 days so ofcourse I was going to gain some weight back.

Actually, I was starting to think whether I should give up on Jenny Craig soon as I find myself struggling to stick to its meal plans but then I thought to myself well, without Jenny Craig’s portion control meals I’ll probably gained a lot more kgs..so it’s back to sticking to Jenny Craig’s meals until I reach my 1/2 goal weight loss mark of 10kg then I’ll go on my own preparing my own meals. So yeah, starting from today it’s back to strict Jenny Craig meals…


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