My Christian Faith…

Published October 28, 2010 by Mary Jane

Anyways, I don’t think I’ve ever shared about my faith on my blog so I think I’m going to do that now, sorry it’s going to be a long one…

Anyways, I grew up in a Buddhist family. My grandparents were firm Buddhists – they even got baptised and my mum well, she just follows my grandmother. So we as kids just automatically followed my mum worshiping idols and Buddha and going to temples. But I never really feel the peace inside me. So one of my mum’s close friends who is a Christian have asked my mum to take us to church. My first reaction was NO!! I don’t want to be converted, I’m happy being a buddhist!! So I didn’t really want to go to church. So my mum’s friend persisted in inviting us to visit the church and if we visit once and felt uncomfortable we could just don’t go again.

So on one Sunday out of obligation my mum took the 3 of us to church, I can’t remember the exact date but we visited Bible-Presbyterian Church of Western Australia (BPCWA). My first reaction to the worship service was that it was formal and it was kinda weird that everyone were standing and singing hymn songs but I didn’t hate it infact I thought the hymn songs were quite nice and I actually felt quite peaceful attending the service. I don’t know what made me return back to the church for a second visit, I was introduced to a few young people and was told there will be a sunday school class for those who have questions about Christianity. Out of curiosity I decided to attend the Sunday school class. At that time the church had a visiting pastor by the name of Rev Pang and he was teaching the Sunday school class, so one Sunday morning I attended his class and every time he discussed about biblical things I would interrupt him with questions, they aint just normal questions – they were curly ones which I hope he wouldn’t have the answer for.

But Rev Pang was patient at all times, he thoroughly answered all my questions and was being polite at all times. Well, it was time for him to go back to his own church in Saipan so he shooked hands with me and my mum and said “Maryann, I hope my second visit to BPCWA you will receive Christ into your heart and be baptised” I was thinking to myself, what a joke – good luck I’ll never be baptised…so I thought and at that stage I did not know that the Lord has already started working in my stubborn heart. During these times I have tried to research on religion as I was curious to find out what is the difference between Christianity and Buddhism and to my surprise I started doubting my faith in Buddhism and whether I was believing and worshiping in the wrong God.

A series of events have since happened which made me believe that what I was in fact worshiping the wrong God – Buddha. It was never taught in the buddism teachings that Buddha have claimed himself to be God. Infact the human race have worshiped him for many of the good works he have done while he was on earth. Predominantly Buddism teachings were focusing on doing charity works and that you can work your way through to paradise if you do good works in your life and they also believe in reincarnation as well. All in all I was confused as to why we are worshiping images and idols of so called Buddha Gods in temples and they rely upon us to feed them with temple food when they’re just images and idols made by humans. I had all these questions and when I compared to Christianity and started reading God’s word the Bible it clearly stated that Jesus Christ was the only way, the truth and light and that he died on the cross for all our sins so that who ever believed in Him will have eternal life.

No other religion have ever claimed they are the only true God and the only way – what makes me fascinated about Christianity is that the 66 books in the bible all fits so well with each other and even though they were written from many different periods of life by different people yet they all complimented each other. The teachings within the bible is perfect. So one night I prayed to God and asked him to reveal himself to me as at that time I still didn’t really believe in him 100% it was more or less a way of testing him out. At that time I was really sick and it was during my exam times so I prayed to God and said if you are the true God heal me and allow me to be able to go through my exams then I’ll believe in you. I was still testing God and surprisingly, I went through my examinations without feeling sick at all and from then on I start to realise God’s power and the power of prayer.

A few incidences have also confirmed God’s existence and I believe they are not coincidences. One night I decided to say the sinner’s prayer and receive God into my life as my personal savior. I’ve read from some testimonies of people who have said the sinner’s prayer have received this emotional outburst but I didn’t have any of those feelings. But I did have a feeling of peace in my heart knowing that I have received Jesus Christ as my personal savior and that my sins were forgiven and that I will go to heaven one day. Can I tell you it’s one of the best decisions I’ve never made in my whole entire life. I wish I had known Jesus Christ earlier instead of wasting my teenage days believing in Buddhism. But it’s never too late, after I attended the basic bible knowledge class I was then baptised and you know what? Rev Pang did visit our church the second time and I went up to him and told him I was baptised and have since believe in the Lord. He was so happy for me 🙂 later on, my whole family have believed in the Lord and they were all baptised. Even my dad who is Atheist was also baptised in the hospital when he was diagnosed with liver cancer.

I can’t thank God enough for his blessings, salvation, mercy and grace upon our family. Every time when I’m going through tough times in my life I would be reminded on how Jesus Christ has endured all the hardship in life while he was on earth and he was perfect and sinless but yet he was nailed to the cross and died for our sins and transgressions. Now I don’t live a day with fear as I know that God is in control of my life and that he will always be there to look after his children and look after all our needs. I love the story of footprint where a guy was walking on the beach one day with Jesus Christ and he sees two sets of footprints – his own and Jesus Christ’s one. So throughout his life Jesus have accompanied him all the way but soon he found only one set of foot prints and this was during the time when he was going through difficulties in his life so he asked Jesus why there’s only one set of foot print why did Jesus abandon him during his tough times. Jesus replied “My Dear Child it is then that I carried you in my arms and walked with you during these difficult times”

It is so true during the difficult times of my life Jesus has carried me in His arms. Some people ask me whether I hated my God because He has not healed my dad. If he was the Almighty God who is able to heal anyone with their sickness why didn’t he heal my dad at the time when we need him most. To be honest I never blamed God for not healing my dad from his liver cancer. I can’t answer why He chose not to heal my dad’s sickness as I know he has the power to heal if he wants to and it’s not for me to question His will. Even though life was difficult without my dad, God has never forsaken my family and He has always looked after every needs – whether it’s financial needs for the family or emotional needs. We never lacked in anything and sometimes I look back I would marvel on God’s wonderful blessings upon our family. My dad passed away during the time when we needed him most. My older sister just started her hair apprenticeship, my younger sister was still in high school and I was still studying in University on my final years. My mum has always been a house wife so we rely upon our dad’s income to make the ends meet. God has never stopped providing for us till this day. He would bring helpers in times of trouble and he never fails.

So I think I have been told that I can be a religious fanatic or being “Too Churchy” but I think when you have personally experienced God’s wonderful salvation and blessings in your life you would want to share with the people who you love and cared for and care about what happens to their life after death the consequences of not believing in Christ then they must be judged and face the lake of fire which will burn for eternally. I must admit I don’t actively share this with my friends who haven’t believed in Christ but I’m hoping if they do read this one day they too will come to know this wonderful Savior our Lord Jesus Christ and we will see each other in Heaven one day when we meet Him face to face. He will definitely change your Life!

John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


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