A day for myself…

Published October 26, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello Bloggy friends, hope this post finds you all well. I had a day off work today – yay 🙂 so in the morning I got woken up by Pandabear who needs to go to work. Next time I shall remind him to let me sleep in cos it was only 7am in the morning and I’m already awake! Anyways, I roam around in bed for a little while refusing to get up as I had an appointment around 10am to see my massage girl – Kat. I’ve been feeling rather tense lately as I nearly had a heart attack from work yesterday thinking I’ve lost 3 months of data work that I was working on. Thankfully all is well, I have found the master spreadsheet and didn’t have to kill my work colleague..hehehehe..

So I went for my massage appointment and decided today will be the day that’s for myself and I want this day to be different and spontaneous. Don’t ask me why, I get moments like this and it’s very rare that I would go off and do random things. After a 45min of intense acupuncture, torturing, screaming from pain I felt relaxed and my muscles are now tender again…so off I went and came across this cinema..mmm.. I’ve always wanted to watch Eat, Pray, Love by Julia Roberts so I thought to myself today maybe the day. But then I’ll have to watch the movie by myself how boring, I’ve never watched a movie in the cinema by myself. Then something made me walk into the cinema to check out the time. Wow, it’s screening in about 15-20 min time around 11.30am and it goes till 2pm. The next one won’t be till 2.30pm but the responsible me kicked him and reminded me that I need to go to the post office to post my little niece’s birthday pressie. So I went to the counter and asked how much is the ticket? The nice guy said $9.50 special today! Wow, that’s cheap and I even bought a bottle of water with it. Okies, one ticket to Eat, Pray, Love and I even commented this is my first time watching a movie on my own. The nice guy replied “Well, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it there’s no one to disturb you…”

So I walked into cinema 5 where there’s nobody…ofcourse it’s Tuesday and 11.30am who would watch a movie at this time..except for me…ha! I get to choose my own spot, let my hair down, took my shoes off and it felt as if I own the whole cinema to myself. It did get eerie at times when I heard funny noises but eventually when the movie started screening everything was honky dory!

Wow, I can’t believe I’m watching a movie by myself and there’s nobody around me…and can I just say the whole movie was fantastic, I love Julia Roberts she’s such a natural actress and 1/2 way through the movie I was busting thanks to my bottle of water so I grabbed my handbag and went straight for the bathroom and ran back hoping that I haven’t missed anything. Honestly, by about 1pm I was starving I remembered I didn’t have any lunch so thinking whether I should quickly duck out and grab some popcorns but found a mandarin in my hand bag and started peeling the mandarins and munching on it. It was fantastic! I laughed out loud, cried, clapped, jumped and danced through out the whole movie and wow, it’s great watching a movie all by yourself where you can express your emotions without worrying about people giving you weird stares… I give the movie 9.5 out of 10. The 0.5 point lost goes to the movie been too long, I was still hungry after my mandarin.

So after finishing the movies I know it’s time to go to the post office and on my way there I came across this Italian joint…mmm..that reminds me when Julia Roberts were in Italy she had this huge whole pizza. I felt like pizza and guess what? You guess right I went into the restaurant and sat myself down. Once again, I’ve never eaten alone in a restaurant by myself – I rather grab a takeaway then eating alone in a restaurant and looks like a loner. But, oh well I’m hungry and I wonder what’s it like eating alone in a restaurant. The nice waitress handed me a menu and I said to her what’s your special for your pizza she pointed to Tono Special Pizza – I shall have that. They had an open kitchen so I could see the chef running around by himself making pizza and pastas. Wow, he didn’t have any helpers but then again it was a tiny family restaurant. My tummy started grumbling so I decided to order some garlic bread while waiting for the pizza and for drinks. Usually I go for lemon lime bitters but I saw Chinotto – I’ll try the citrus drink 🙂

The pizza and garlic bread both ended up arriving on my table at the same time, I was starting to regret from being greedy ordering the garlic bread but oh man, can I just tell you how delicious the garlic bread was and the pizza mmm..it was so tasty I scoffed them down using my fingers. I think the waitress is probably thinking this girl looks like she hasn’t eaten for a few days. It was delicious and I didn’t feel guilty eating it even though I was suppose to be on a Jenny Craig diet but I really wanted to have pizza today 🙂 Ofcourse I couldn’t finish it all so I took them home for supper later…

So carrying a box of left over pizzas and some garlic bread I make my way to the post office to post my niece’s birthday present and I even found the cute princess post bag to put the pressie in very happy as not all post office sells these type of bags. So feeling pretty happy while I was queuing up spotted some teddy bears lying in a box…aww…they looked so cute..and yes as most of you guys know I love soft toys even though I have few hundreds of them already…the brown one was staring at me “buy me, I’m ready to come home with you” or was it my own little voice in my head?? Anyways, the temptation was too great and since Pandabear wasn’t next to me to stop me from buying I bought the brown and fluffy teddy home and named him “Cuddly”

Oh I’m so happy that I get to take Cuddly home, he’s now next to me watching me blogging…and oh on my way back I saw the large purse bag sitting on the floor hey…I remember I made Pandabear took a picture of me sitting on top of it during our honey moon…wow some years ago it’s still there. So I took a picture of it…this time not with me on it but some random guy sitting on it…

As crazy as it might sounds I had an awesome day and I should do it more often, wasted a few hours in the cinema which is not usually something I would do and dine in a random restaurant eating alone – as I don’t like to waste time and I need to be constantly doing things and everything I do must be planned…so today was the complete opposite. I love it 🙂 it’s great for the soul and just what I needed to boost my happy cells….I would recommend this to everyone out there who needs a day out for yourself whether it’s too pamper yourself, treat yourself, get away from madness, doing something random anyways it’s what I would call it “a day for myself”


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