Weight Loss Journey – what a pleasant surprise…

Published October 24, 2010 by Mary Jane

Anyways people as you all know, I’ve been trying very hard to stick to my Jenny Craig meals but I’m constantly tempted by meeting up with friends out for a meal and the special occasions that pops up from time to time which I end up skipping my Jenny Craig meals and back to normal food. So last Thursday I was due for another weighing and to pick up my next batch of food. Time flies I’ve completed 4 weeks of Jenny Craig already…here’s some of the food I’ve been eating…

Honestly, I’m pretty happy with Jenny Craig food so far – they are actually quite tasty and I actually feels quite full from eating the meals. The upside of going with Jenny Craig’s food is that when I meet up with my consultant for a one-to-one consultation they would ask me which meals I don’t like and go through my menu plans for the week and ask if I would like to take any meals out. Which is great, as there’s just a couple of meals in Jenny Craig which I didn’t really like – eg. Fried rice – as I’m a rice person I find their fried rice is bland and dry not much taste – it needs more soya sauce hehehehe, their oats porridge for brekkie also not my favourite as it’s bland and tasteless…and if I come across salad or soup I would prefer to trade them off with something else as I’m not a salad or soup person 🙂

So it’s great to have some choices in determining what you are eating during the week. Ofcourse they would always check the calories count before allowing me to trade off some meals. For example if I want to trade off my salad with a rice dish, they would tell me that’s not a good idea and I could trade it off with a pizza round – I love pizza rounds they taste like pizza pocket very yummy 🙂

So on Thursday, I wasn’t looking forward to my weighing after coming back from Malaysia/Singapore eating out everyday and not much fresh fruits and vegies but lots of restaurant food and hawker food, I was expecting to gain what I have lost ALL BACK!!! So when I arrived at Jenny Craig I was mentally preparing myself for the worst. So when it was time for weighing, I was pleasantly surprised as I’ve lost 0.4kg!! Yay 🙂 I was so happy must have been the minor food poisoning I’ve had in Singapore which kinda put me off for eating for 2 days. I was very proud of myself and my consultant said to me “I’m so proud of you!” So in total within 4 weeks I’ve lost 5kg in total which is not too bad considering I’ve been eating out from time to time and not sticking to the meal plans. So I’ve decided to continue my journey with Jenny Craig until I’ve lost up to 10kg then I’ll be doing this on my own as I’m on a $10 for 10kg membership fee once I’ve reached my 10kg mark or up to 3 months mark I would have to pay for the regular membership fee. So things are going well with my weight loss journey and I’ll have to go back to my gym routine as well soon…


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