Jamie’s Cook Book Challenge – Tea-party fairy cakes

Published October 24, 2010 by Mary Jane

Anyways, I managed to bake my last Jamie’s cook book challenge before I went on a holiday. I’m kinda stuck in the dessert section as now that I’m on Jenny Craig food it’s a little hard to complete the savoury section of Jamie’s cook book as now I only cook for Pandabear but he’s not a type of guy who loves to try new food so it makes it hard. But with desserts I can bring the baked products to the church and offer it as a morning tea – so it works out well. 🙂

So I came across this recipe of tea-party fairy cakes – the photos looks amazing and I’ve baked a few cupcakes in the past but not the fairy cupcakes ones. So I checked out my pantry on one of the nights and found out I didn’t have any fresh berries, raspberries, strawberries or blackberries to make the fairy cupcakes so I decided to change the recipe slightly (sorry Jamie) and substitute them with some pistachio nuts I have and top them with chocolate icing. I also had some almond flakes left in my pantry so I used them as decorations. So here it is…



This tea-party fair cup cakes recipe were made using the sponge recipe for the victoria sponge and I realised that I didn’t have the right cup cake muffin tin tray (the usual 6 muffin try tin) but I have a 4 by 6 mini cup cake muffin trays which I borrowed from my sister in law. Doh! That means I’ll have to make them into tiny cup cakes and it means I’ll have to watch out for them as they bake since they are roughly half the size from the recipe. I was thinking at this stage my cup cakes might not turn out as I might overcook them and they’ll turn out dry and nasty. Anyways, I decided to take that risk…

When I pulled out my fairy cup cakes out of the oven, they looked ok a little crumbly on the top so I had to manually trim them as some of the cup cakes were over flowing and the top side kinda makes the whole cup cakes looks lop sided so I decided to manually trim their tops hehehehe….anyways, since I didn’t have any of the fresh berries, my plans were to make the chocolate icing and drizzle them on top of the cup cakes and sprinkle some crushed pistachio nuts and poke an almond flakes on top as my decorations. The drizzling of chocolate icing were quite challenging as my cup cakes were quite tiny in size so I had to make sure the icing weren’t overflowing and making my table top very messy. But eventually I got there and finished decorating my pistachio nuts chocolate icing fairy cup cakes 🙂

When Pandabear got home that night I demand that he try one of my tea-party fairy cup cakes to make sure that they are edible for me to bring to Church on Sunday. He tried one and said it taste ok, just a little dry…but it’s edible. That was good enough for me..I knew it was going to be a little dry as I didn’t have the right size cup cake tin tray for the recipe and I might have over baked it too…so all in all it was great, I was happy my tea-party fairy cup cakes were all gone and all I have left with was my tiny empty cup cakes tray 🙂

Cook book challenge success? Sort of…


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