Mount Buller Ski & Road Trip

Published October 7, 2010 by Mary Jane

Well, as most of you guys know I love my road trips so Pandabear and I decided to head up to Mount Buller for a combined ski and road trip. We’ve been to Whistler for skiing before so this will be our second time tackling skiing. We’ve signed up for a beginners lesson 1 as we need to refresh our skiing techniques and then progress to the next day lesson 2. It was a long drive, but the view was amazing lots of ba bas (sheeps) and moo moos (cows) it reminded me of New Zealand and wonderful God’s creation.

We decided to stay in Merrijig Motor Inn Resort as it was the only one available. I had a bad feeling when I heard we were staying at the motor inn but hey it’s only going to be for a few night so it’s not that bad.

To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to the motor inn – as I was thinking it’ll probably have some cockroaches around the carpet and the bed is not clean etc…but when we arrived at the motor inn it was quite clean. We checked in at the dining area and everything is nice and clean. The reception person which I guess is also the owner was nice and friendly. When we went into our bedroom it was nice and clean. The bed had an electric blanket, I was so excited as I’ve never tried an electric blanket before. The view from our bedroom door was amazing, green pastures great for my eyes. The bathroom was clean, it had some little sofa and a TV that came with dvd player. So can’t complain, the electric blanket was marvelous during night time the temperature drops to around zero degree or even lower, we had the electric blanket turned on through out the night and I was all warm and rugged up and slept like a baby. 🙂

Well, the next day we have to drive up our little Mysty (my honda jazz) up to Mount Buller for some skiing. I was not looking forward to my killer ski boots as they hurt my feet, but this time it’s not as bad – it still made my feet sore but not as bad as last time. Got my helmets, ski poles, ski set ready to go and we had to walk up those killer steps, I was thinking being a clumsy me I’m probably going to slip! But thankfully, I was ok.

I managed to build some snowmen. I love snowmen and I decided to build a snowman family. Papa snowman, Mama snowman and baby snowman. My baby snowman has monobrow hehehe the kids saw me building my snowman so they asked their mum to help building some snowman. I have inspired them to build some snowmen. To be honest, snowmens are hard to build – the snow is very hard to shape and it’s actually quite time consuming but I persisted on with Pandabear screaming from the background “we need to ski more, it’s expensive instead of building snowmen!!” but I ignored him, I’ve got next day to ski more and I’ve had enough, I was tired. So I left him behind to build my snowmen family 🙂 then I got tired and went for some hot chocolate for my break and when I came out to check on my snowmen they were destroyed by the kids!! Grrr…they were jealous of my snowmen so I had to rebuild them again…I know I have lots of patience when it comes to the things I like to do.

So after skiing we returned home feeling tired and didn’t feel like heading out to eat for dinner, so it’s time to order something from the motor inn. Once again I wasn’t too keen about motor inn food but I was too tired and hungry to care as long as it’s edible it’s fine. I told Pandabear to order some burgers or pies for me, I need some carbs to boost up my energy after the skiing and snowmen building…Pandabear came back, I was like where’s our food he said they will bring it to our room save me waiting there. That’s nice of them, I thought. So we both went for the Merrijig special home made burgers served with chips. When it arrived it was huge – had everything, bacon, cheese, beef patties, beetroots, onions, lettuce and tomatoes and it was very tasty and I gobbled it down, while Pandabear struggled to finish his. To be honest I was so full that I couldn’t finish my chips..thats sure an awesome huge burger…The Merrijig way…

So it was back to skiing the next morning, feeling a little sore – time for lesson 2 and when we arrived for lesson 2 our ski instructor was like okies, we’ll have some practice and if you guys are good enough we’ll catch the lift chairs and go up to the terrains. I was shocked!! What!! I only had one day of lesson training, I’m not ready to head up the terrains. Also cos I was afraid of heights, it was scaring me the fact I had to catch one of those scary lift chairs. Fortunately, both Pandabear and I were struggling with our turns, so we got demoted back down to lesson 1 – phew…and that gave us the chance to practice our turns. My ski instructor said well, you guys are ready for the terrains next time. Yup, it’ll have to be next time cos I’m exhausted. We’ve had such a blessed time at Mount Buller and I didn’t even fall once, Pandabear fell once.

Now the food at the ski resort was pretty average and expensive, we went for the fast food, the day before hand I had a chicken korma rice it was disgusting!! I can even cook better than that – it was tasteless and the rice was not even cooked properly. Anyways, second day we were alot smarter went for the shepherd’s pie and meat pie they taste ok, not the best but better than the korma curry and rice.

Till next time 🙂


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