Jamie’s Cook Book Challenge – The best shortbread in the world

Published October 7, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello bloggy friends, sorry I haven’t been posting lately as I’ve mentioned before I started this full-time job and it was data cleansing meaning staring at a bunch of data and trying to fit them in the correct fields. Require lots of concentration and focus which is really bad for my eyes and it started giving me headaches. So thankfully, I have now changed my work load to part-time which gives me time to do other things and rest my eyes. Anyways, I’m really excited cos this Saturday I’ll be flying out to Singapore/Malaysia for a week which means I won’t be updating my blog during that time. So I better do some now.

Anyways, I’ve been still working on Jamie’s cook book challenge – and been focusing on the dessert side of things. After the chocolate brownie which seems to make my teeth fall off every time I take a bite, I thought I’ll go with shortbread as it should be less sweet.



This recipe seemed simple enough except it feels like there’s lots of butter in it. Well, since its the best shortbread in the world I better stick to the recipe. I went and bought myself some square baked tin as I only have the round ones and off I went.

When they came out from the oven it smelt so good, buttery biscuit smell and I wait for it to cool down and sprinkle some caster sugar on top as the recipe didn’t have much sugar in it just lots of butter. It looks great, Jamie cuts them in squares, but I thought that’s a huge piece, so I sort of slice them a little smaller. Got Pandabear to try some and he said it’s nice – but very buttery.

I ended up gave some away to a friend and some to my sister in law. Which works out well as I’m on a diet.

Cook book challenge success? Yes!


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