Weight Loss Journey – Jenny Craig comes to the rescue

Published September 21, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello Bloggy friends, as I’ve mentioned that I’ve been really slack with my weight loss journey and haven’t been back to the gym for a few weeks 😦 so I thought to myself it was time that I get professional help. I remember my work colleague used to share with me she was on Jenny Craig before – I couldn’t believe it cos she looks so skinny but she used to weigh the same as me, now she has successfully kept the weight off for 3 years. So there’s hope for me. I went online and research between Jenny Craig and Lite and easy but I ended up choosing Jenny Craig – cos it seemed more personal to me and there’s more support. They even have a form for you online to submit details and they’ll ring you back within 24hours. I got my calls straight away that time, I said to them “Wow you guys are quick!”

Anyways, was quite curious as to see whether they could convince me joining – cos I’m quite skeptical when it comes to food & meal plans dieting. But what have I got to lose? I was early as I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning and decided to go there afterwards. When I arrived the reception person greeted me with a smile “you must be Maryann” and I said “yes, sorry I’m abit early”. “That’s ok, your consultant will be with you shortly” so I waited for a little bit and then my consultant took me to the consulting room. She sat down and ask me a range of different questions. I was straight forward to her and said look I am a bit skeptical and didn’t think this is going to work for me. As I have to cook for Pandabear and I’ll be tempted to have my Jenny Craig food as well as Pandabear’s food. Usually when we eat out, I’m the one who finishes his left overs. She had a little laugh, probably thinking that’s why you’re fat hehehe

Anyways, she went through the plan with me. They had a special on $10 for 10kg membership fee for trial and you pay for the food. I was trying to negotiate with her to give me a 5 day meal plan so I can have 2 days of eating out. Very naughty, she said to me – in order to be more effective you should start with 7 day meal plan but if you ever need to eat out just let us know and we’ll cancel either dinner or lunch meal for the day that way you are still eating Jenny craig meal. Then I remembered I had a holiday booked overseas in October, so I was contemplating whether I should join after the holidays – that way I can pig out overseas. She said to me, I think you should join now since you’re planning to pig out overseas for your holidays. hehehehe yeah that’s true, that way I can try to lose some kg and gain some back. She laughed…by now she’s probably thinking this girl is never going to lose weight. Then she asked me are you serious about losing weight. I gave her a serious look – Yes, I am. Maybe she thought I wasn’t taking it serious enough. So she weighed me and I was surprised, I actually lost 3kg – yay 🙂 I couldn’t believe it. All that gym work has paid off some how despite me constantly eating away.

She also took a photo of me – I hate photos! Front profile and side profile. Argh!!! She said it’ll be a motivation for me to look at when I start to lose weight. Then she weighed around my waist, bust, and hip and recorded them down. I’ve decided I’m going to join, it’s now or never. So she packed me my weekly supplies of meals – brekkie, lunch and dinner and some snacks. I’m allowed to have fresh vegies, fruits and supply my own milk. Other than that I have to stick to the meals provided.

frozen meals

frozen meals

I went home carting 2 large bags worth of food. They divided the frozen food in one bag and the snacks and brekkie dry food in another bag. So when I got home I said to Pandabear “surprise! I have signed up with Jenny Craig” he rushed to the table from the bed and said what did you get and how much you paid for? I said to him “around $150 today, includes food and $10 membership fee” for 7 days. He was like that’s expensive!! I’m like not really, if its going to make me lose weight it aint expensive at all. So I carefully unpack my frozen meals. To be honest when I saw those frozen meals I was thinking to myself, the portion size is miserably small – it aint going to fill me up and it’s frozen food – I hate frozen food they taste yucky…but I must try it out first…

Brekkie & snacks

Brekkie & snacks

Then it was the snacks…hehehe they even supplied me with some multivitamins which is pretty considerate at least they cared about my nutrition or maybe the frozen meals and snacks aint enough so that’s why they need to give me multivitamins. Oh well, I’ll just take them as I go.

Meal plan roster & Journal

Meal plan roster & Journal

I was also given a meal plan roster to follow for the 7 days and a copy of the journal for me to record my eating habits and goals. I was really excited as with all new things. So I asked the consultant – do I start today, but I already had my brekkie. She said “no you start tomorrow” and then I meet up with her in a weeks time for a consultation to see how I’m coping. Sounds great, at least I’ll be held accountable for my eating and there’s another person out there supporting my weight loss journey. So since today is my last supper, I decided to indulge and spoil myself – I know I’m bad. For lunch I had left over large piece of cottage pie – Pandabear was like that’s a huge piece and for dinner I was craving for KFC so Pandabear and I went and grabbed an All star box – I know…but the good thing was I substituted my chips for coleslaw. That made me feel a little better at least I’m having some vegies hehehehe…



Man, the KFC tasted good but the after effects – I felt a little sick it was way too oily and I was greedy for getting the All star box – it came with everything…oh well, it’ll be my last KFC meal for a while…

So tomorrow is the day and I hope I’ll keep to the food plan!


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