Baking Disaster – Panda Bread

Published September 20, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello again, anyways I came across this really cute recipe online and it’s called panda bread. Perfect I want to make it for Pandabear. So I was really excited about the recipe. Seemed easy enough..well, that’s what I thought…



Mixing my paste

Mixing my paste

So when it came to mixing the bread dough it was pretty ok, even though it was a lot sticker than I liked but still it looks small. Things started to go wrong when I mix the green tea paste and cocoa powder paste. The cocoa powder paste seemed ok, but the green tea paste is like a soup, not a paste – I added the exact amount of liquid to it..I wonder if it’s due to my cheap green tea powder…I’m not too sure. I tried to add extra green tea powder to make the mixture thicker but it didn’t work…

Then it was time to roll these paste onto my white bread dough. So I need to make a huge green tea dough and a small chocolate looking dough for panda bear eyes and ears..

Bread doughs

Bread doughs

I had difficulty trying to incorporate the colours into my doughs. The green tea colour refuse to incorporate with my white bread dough so it looks kinda slightly light green colour instead of dark green colour. As for my chocolate dough, the cocoa paste did not incorporate well with my white bread dough either. Instead of looking dark brown in colour its kinda look like a faded marble colour of black and white. I wonder if it’s got to do with my kneading skills or maybe I need a bread machine for this!! Anyways, it was time to assemble my panda bear bread and I was sure my panda bear bread would not look like panda bread at all. 😦

before the dough expanded I was thinking it’s never going to be a bread, cos the size is so small but after an hour it was amazing it’s starting to look like a bread loaf…

So I popped it into the oven, and was hoping it would at least taste like a bread loaf and didn’t matter if the panda face didn’t work out…

When I took my bread loaf out of the oven, it smelt so good and it looks really good too. It actually looks like a decent bread loaf. Now it’s time to slice it and see whether it taste like some bread..

Well, it looked nothing like Panda bread as expected – I could just squeeze out the eyes and some ears hehehe but the bread is fluffy and white in texture, so I tried out a piece and it was delicious!! Yummy and soft in texture.

My random looking bread

My random looking bread

When Pandabear came home I showed him my random looking Panda bread and he had a slice and said it’s quite nice, except he couldn’t understand why there’s blobs of black…they are meant to be eyes and ears for the panda!!! Oh well, he liked it and went for the second piece. The only thing about baking bread is that cos there’s no preservatives the bread tend to harden up within few days…so I’ve stored it inside the fridge for maybe bread and butter pudding….I shall try again next time – maybe I should go for the colour dye it will sure work hehehehe


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