Odd relationships…

Published September 17, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello my bloggy friends, hope this post finds you well. Can’t believe it’s friday already – this week has gone past very very fast and I’ve been very very slack indeed. It’s kind of a strange week, I’ve only gone to work for a day but in a way I’m glad. I still feel pretty tired, haven’t been sleeping too well maybe it’s due to long sleep ins or Pandabear waking me up early in the mornings and I can’t get back to sleep. What ever it is, I feel a little drained in energy. Anyways, as I’ve mentioned earlier I have been reflecting on my past life lately not sure why, perhaps I’m going through a mid-life crisis hehehe nah! I think it just shows, my life isn’t just full of food, cooking and baking only but there are definitely other things as well. Btw, I haven’t been posting much about my Jamie’s Cook Book Challenge – Nope I haven’t given up on it, just been baking other things as you guys know I’m prone to get bored with things quite quickly so a way of keeping me inspired is to do other things as well. So, I’ll be back on track with my Jamie’s Cook book challenge soon – stay tuned…

However, with the weight loss journey part I have to admit it’s not going very well. I haven’t been to the gym for a week or two now and my eating habits has kind of deteriorated. So I’m currently exploring other avenues to get me back on track again – maybe what I need is a professional help hahahaha…so stay tuned, I will let you know what major decision I will take to continue on this journey. I have chosen a wrong city such as Melbourne to have my diet…it’s too hard with the temptation of great food around me.

This arvo as I was cleaning my home I had the TV on to entertain me at the same time and Oprah was on, there has been a phenomenon about Oprah coming to Australia. To be honest, I’ve watched a few episode of Oprah’s shows and I’m not obsessed with her at all. So today’s show was a continuation of incest relationship. I watched through the whole show, some times I wonder why on earth would anyone do such a thing as to sexually molest a brother, a sister, a son or a daughter or even go to the extent of having an incest relationship. But we live in a fallen world and even this type of incest relationship was recorded in God’s word – The Bible.

Why am I writing this post, it kind of brought back some memories – I know I have a fish memory but I also have selected memories some things stay in my mind and they do pop up from time to time. As I was watching this show, something came to my mind and reminded me of a particular incidence that happened around Uni time I had a good friend one day in the food court we were just chatting away there were three of us. Suddenly, I don’t remember how the conversation went about a friend of ours burst out and shared with us that she was raped by her brother when she was really young and she was really upset about it. I can’t recall how the conversation went but two of us was just sitting there, we weren’t sure how to respond or comfort her as it was something that really shocks you. To be honest, now I come to think about it – I wasn’t even sure what I was hearing was correct or whether we just ignored it and pretended we didn’t hear such thing. I do hope if the incident did occur the friend would have gone for some professional counseling or help as it’s something which could traumatize you for the rest of your life from watching experiences of the woman who have suffered from similar sexual abuse on Oprah’s show and I just wished at that time I have said or do something to have helped her in some ways…

It really disgusts me to hear of these abusers preying on their victims – really they are just like animals seriously a decent human being would not be doing this without his/her conscience telling him/her that it’s wrong. It sends shivers down me. Oprah’s show also talked about how this woman had a 4 year relationship with his father when she was 20. Now in our society, we would be on the victims side if the incest relationship happened at an early age where the child has no sound mind to make the right decision or knows what really goes on. But when you’re 20, you should know having an incest relationship with your dad is the wrong thing to do. We tend to question whether the victim in this case also wanted this relationship to happen and whether she had asked for it to happen. It’s not just her father’s fault but her own fault as well for continuing this relationship.

Everyone goes through different circumstances in their life. This particular girl her father left her when she was very young and her mother was never affectionate towards her so she finds herself craving for love or attention from a male model that have been missing in her life. Her father then returned and kept in touch with her and it then evolved into an incest relationship of 4 years. Until one day her father told her that she was never going to find anyone who would love her or care for her cos she’s tainted or polluted in a way he’s trying to control her and force her to stay with him and it was either for all or for nothing. She then realised it was time to end the relationship so she said to him then it’ll have to be for nothing. She wrote her story in a book, I haven’t read it but from what was depicted in the show – she mentioned that her father was a minister – how could a Godly man do such a thing?? Thankfully, she had moved on and never met her father again and got married eventually. But isn’t it sad to hear of cases when the incest relationship continues and the daughter fells pregnant and they ended up rearing their kids together in a dungeon or a place that’s similar to a prison. Recent news have sparked such incidences and when I read these news I often wonder whether the victim would have ever moved on and the impact on their kids lives when she has to face the day to tell them the truth about what actually happened…

It’s such a tragedy…


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