Cooking disaster – Pork Buns… Nom Nom Nom

Published September 13, 2010 by Mary Jane

Evening bloggy friends, I hope you guys are alright after reading my nasty long depression post. Anyways, today I woke up feeling extremely tired why? Cos I drank a cup of tea around 4pm in the arvo thinking well by the time it hits night time I should be able to sleep. I was wrong!! Pandabear worked late last night he came home around 1am in the morning and I was still awake and by the time he snuggle into bed and fell asleep I was still awake and this was 4am in the morning. Grr.. then I had a doctor’s appointment this morning which I struggle to get up and forced myself out of the bed and went to see my podiatrist. I’ve been postponing my appointment for about a month now, when he saw me he smiled so how long has it been since I last saw you..oops…so another freezing treatment and more bleeding, he’s a pretty cool podiatrist – he actually said to me…actually I prefer you not visiting me too many times, otherwise you have to pay alot of money. Just come and see me when you’re in pain….and I’ll just inflict more pain on you…ahahaha it made me laugh. Then I walked home in a snail’s pace hoping to get home and dive straight into my bed and the recruitment company rang and said sorry for the last minute but we need you to work if you can…and I stupidly said yes, so ended up working for a new department thinking I might have actually fall asleep at my desk but fortunately there were constant phone calls to keep me awake and the guy offered me some lollies which gave me some sugar rush and that got me through…

Okies, back to Pork buns – you know Melbourne is like a place where you are constantly surrounded by food and really it’s not a city for dieting…especially not for a foodie like me. So there’s a shop close to our place which sells delicious pork buns – wow this pork bun is packed full of goodies – pork mince, cabbage, sausage, mushrooms and even an egg…so I’ve decided it was time to make some pork buns. Thanks to my sister in law who kindly lend me a nifty steamer holder thingy which I nearly had an accident in almost burning a whole pot cos there wasn’t enough water underneath it fortunately, it was a close call managed to save the pot and not set off our smoke alarm. If Pandabear knew about this he would have banned me from steaming…

Anyways, here it’s not a fancy pork buns full of extraordinary filling just a plain pork bun 🙂



So I went and bought this packet of all purpose flour from the Asian grocery store cos it had the buns in front of the packet and when I read the instructions – it was quite crappy really, some measurement not mentioned just mixing different things. In the end I had to guestimate…which isn’t good and when I stare at my dough it was so sticky that I found it hard to roll them into a round dough… time I’ll stick to proper measurements…

I wasn’t too hopeful putting these miserable looking pork buns into the steamer, but I’m not a quitter – proceed to steam it and if all else fails, eat the inside and chuck the dough hehehee

Overall, the dough didn’t turn out too bad – it wasn’t as fluffy as I wanted it to be..but it was edible so I ended up eating a few buns to reward myself from nearly burning down our kitchen.

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