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Published September 12, 2010 by Mary Jane

Wow, I woke up with a very sore body. It’s been a blessed trip up to the Mount Buller, the place reminded me of New Zealand full of green pastures and lots of Babas (sheeps) and Moo Moos (cows) – it just reminds me of God’s wonderful creation. It’s so nice to be out of the city area and enjoying this wonderful view of Nature. We spent 2 days in Mount Buller for our discovery ski lesson. Now, day before the ski trip – I was tidying up our house and folding our blankets so it looks nice and tidy on our bed – our bed is extremely low, so I kind of lower myself down to tidy up the bed and did my back in, I must be getting old. It became really sore and I was really worried I might have to cancel my ski trip. Thankfully, my back got back from taking some pain killers and the motor inn we stayed in had electric blanket which works out perfectly for my sore back.

Thank God, I survived 2 days of skiing and snowmen building. Had great fun playing snow fight with Pandabear, improving on my turns with skiing – it’s pretty hard. On our second day of skiing, we decided to promote our selves to 2nd level and only found out that we would have to sit on those lift chairs to go up in the terrain argh!! Thankfully, one of the ski instructor spotted us still haven’t mastered our turns and demoted us back to level 1 – thank God. Another thing I might have mentioned I’m afraid of heights and also quite clumsy in hurting myself. So what a wonderful 2 days up in the Mount Buller, and I didn’t fall once! Though Pandabear did… hehehe..anyways, we had lots of unhealthy food on our trip – skiing is draining and the cafes mostly sell chips, pies and hot food that are high in calories. I even had a huge home made burger that made me feel like I was about to have a heart attack. So I’m going to try go back to more healthier food now that I’m back home. I’m extremely tired and sore, but at least I get to rest at home. Poor Pandabear has to go back to work today and it’s a long day for him. I hope it’s not a busy day for him at work 🙂

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