Restaurant Review – Little Coconut House (Melbourne)

Published September 8, 2010 by Mary Jane

Anyways, this particular hawker place is recommended by one of our friend – remember I mentioned that this friend of ours emailed us a list of restaurants to try while we’re in Melbourne. When we arrived it was around lunch time, the place is quite small – has a long corridor and a few tables. You order your meal at the front counter and pay for it and they give you a table stand. You get to see all the roast duck, roast pork, and bbq pork hanging by the glass shelves.

We managed to grab a table down at the end near the kitchen, which can be a distraction cos you get to see how they wash their dirty dishes and preparing their food. Anyways, the menu has great varieties. Pandabear went for his usual Wonton Mee with bbq pork and I decided to try one of their specialty dish. Fried pork chops with some fried chicken pices served with fragrant fried yellow rice and it comes with a fried egg. We both opt for the hot soya bean drink cos it was cold..

Our hot soya drink arrived immediately, and it’s home brewed – delicious a little sweet with the palm sugar, but that’s ok – I love my drink very sweet 🙂 within 10 minutes our meals arrived. The presentation was great, the wonton mee had a nice neat row of bbq pork and the wontons are served separately with the soup. However, Pandabear said the wonton mee was only ok cos the bbq pork was a little burnt or charred for his liking, he probably got the end bits of the bbq pork which generally is a little dry and burnt. However, the wontons were tasty – I had one of the wontons. As for my meal – it was a winner, huge servings of pork chops – tender, juicy and very tasty with the marinate. The chicken pieces reminded me of chicken popcorn from KFC, very flavoursome and it compliments well with the yellow fried and my fried egg was perfectly cooked. Overall, I have enjoyed this pork chop dish very much and they even give you pickled chillies yum yum. The waitress were very friendly and came and ask us whether she could remove the empty plates she even smiled with us. The dishes were pretty cheap too 🙂

Here’s my rating:

Dining experience: 4 star – extra point for speedy food time and friendly service
Food experience: 4 star
Would I recommend? Yes!

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