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Published September 8, 2010 by Mary Jane

Evening bloggy friends, hope this post finds you well. I had another day off from work today, it feels great – wasn’t feeling too good this morning, sore throat and tired. So I slept in till about mid-day and woke up to head out in search of my little niece’s birthday pressie and some ski socks at the Melbourne Central. Couldn’t find anything, instead bought some edible things from coles to make some steam buns. Nearly had a disaster burning my pots, fortunately I managed to scrub the pot with some lemon and it’s back to normal πŸ™‚ Never knew the powers of good old lemon – I will remember that next day. Another update, tomorrow Pandabear and I will be doing a road trip up to Mount Buller for some really excited cos haven’t had a road trip since we moved to Melbourne. Hopefully the weather permits, as there’s been flooding lately in Victoria, we shall see what happens – I hope I get to make my snowman πŸ™‚

On another note, I’ve been very behind with my Jamie’s Cook book challenge – very very bad – I need to pick up some pace and stick to it and also with my weight loss program, I have a slight suspicion my weight loss plan isn’t working and I may need some professional help. Either Jenny Craig or Lite and easy – which means no eating out for me argh!! (Loud scream) but I really need to lose some weight…sigh..why?? Food is my weakness. Back I think I’ll think about this after I come back from our overseas trip in October.


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