Baking Disaster – Cotton Cake

Published September 7, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello there…well, things don’t always work out in the kitchen so I’ve decided to record posts of my baking & cooking disasters and yes I get them from time to time and it really frustrates me. But look, I think it’s good to record them cos from time to time it will remind me how far I’ve come to improve my culinary skills and hopefully it will get better as time progresses.

So I found this particular recipe online and was really keen to try. I’ve got all the ingredients and the only hard thing to do is to cook the cake in water bath. I didn’t have a large container to fit my rectangular baking tray so I substitute it with a large bowl which probably isn’t the best idea…and as I’ve mentioned before I seem to have some problems with controlling my oven temperature…grrr…it doesn’t seem to heat up to the right temperature…



It was also the first time I learnt how to make a cake flour from combining plain flour and corn flour. I don’t think this is a hard recipe, but when I was whipping it up – the mixture doesn’t seem like a lot..I was starting to suspect whether I was reading the mixture right especially when most of the ingredients are in grams…I would have much preferred in table spoon or cups measurements. Anyways, I put it in a large bowl of water bath and crossed my fingers…

Then the recipe asks to invert the cotton cake upside down to prevent it from sinking…bad move, some of the mixture was not cooked!! Yikes, the cake was so fluffy and soft it just collapsed on the wire rack.

Look the edible part tasted pretty good, but obviously the inside of raw part tasted like custard…so I really need to try it again next time..otherwise the cake is rather fluffy and sweet much lighter and softer than the usual sponge cake…

Close up

Close up


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