Restaurant Review – Hwaro Korean BBQ (Melbourne)

Published September 4, 2010 by Mary Jane

Well, this particular restaurant was recommended by one of our friend who lives in Melbourne and apparently this place is always packed and the experience of Korean BBQ smell will make you want to go back for more. When we arrived at the restaurant the whole place has a nice ambient lighting, the waitress and waiters are all Koreans and then we were seated down to our table – you have to remove your shoes before you climb into your table kinda reminds me of the Japanese tatami tables.

As usual we were served with Korean condiments – it’s quite typical to receive these tiny Korean tapas style condiments and it’s one of my favourite 🙂 you also get the BBQ dipping sauce along with large pieces of chillie and garlic. I always skip out the garlic as it gives you garlic breath but apparently you’re suppose to have garlic & chillie with the bbq meat all wrapped up in lettuce leaves and along with some awesome dipping sauce.



for a drink, I decided to go for the Korean Pear punch..and it was nice and refreshing, not too sweet 🙂

Pear Punch

Pear Punch

For the BBQ Selection, there were 4 of us – so we decided to order beef steak, king prawns, scallops, chicken, pork belly and ox tongue (I’ve never had bbq ox tongue before…) and we also ordered some steamed rice to go with it.

The waiter started to bring our BBQ selection onto the table, and setting up our grill and they actually help you first to bbq your meat and you see this gigantic exhaust pipe coming down towards the grill to suck up all the smoke – what a clever idea that way your clothes are not covered with much smoke. To be honest, I was rather disappointed with their serving size especially with their king prawns – 3 of them we had to share and there’s 4 of us and the pricing for their meats are quite expensive too! It was definitely not enough to feed the 4 of us!

When the meat started to grill, the aroma was fantastic! It’s quite fun to bbq your meats and then share it around the table 🙂

Overall, the BBQ food was ok – nothing spectacular and we were often reminded by the waitress/waiter that we have how long to go before we have to leave our table – I find that really annoying and frustrating it’s as if though they are trying to kick us out and give our table away to the next customer!! In terms of the service, it was pretty average – not much smiles on the waitress/waiter’s faces, everything seemed a little rushed and the food portion is definitely on the stingy side for the amount you pay for…but why is there still so many people in the restaurant? The only thing that amuses me is the grilling/bbq along with the huge exhaust pipe 🙂 when you walk out of the restaurant your clothes still smells like Korean BBQ…

here’s my rating:

Dining experience: 3 star
Food experience: 3.5 star
Would I recommend it? For the price you pay for..probably not!


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