Restaurant Review – Tai Pan Restaurant (Melbourne)

Published August 28, 2010 by Mary Jane

Well, as I’ve mentioned earlier our friend in Melbourne enjoys his chinese food alot – so here’s another restaurant that he recommends going. Tai Pan, it’s in a suburb area so not in the Melbourne CBD – apparently alot of the nice Melbourne restaurants are well hidden in the suburban area. So first thing when you arrive to the restaurant is that it has a large red Tai Pan Restaurant and it has a symbol with 2 swans crossing over each other.

Then when you step inside into the restaurant you realised wow, it’s a huge restaurant with your usual round tables with lazy susan on top. It has a nice brown decor and appear a little classier than your usual chinese restaurants. All the waiters/waitresses are well dressed with their uniforms. There were about 10 of us, so we thought we’ll order a few dishes…

We were served with a nice bowl of pork ribs was quite welcoming and yummy..

We decided to try out their Peking duck, I love Peking ducks and was really looking forward to it cos I know Melbourne restaurants serves huge size juicy duck meats. So here comes a chef wheeling out our duck…they cleverly wrapped our duck meat along with a stalk of spring onion/cucumber and some sweet bean paste inside a nice thin skin crepe. It was huge and the cool thing about it is they wrap this up for you, so you don’t even have to wrap them yourself. I just wish our waitress would at least smile a little when she served this to us. She had a poker face on the whole night.

The peking duck was delicious, we each got served 2 plates worth of it and was pretty happy about it.

We went for our usual favourite – violin tofu, the presentation was nice except it wasn’t as nice as the Pacific house one in terms of the sauce flavour…

Then we decided to try one of their recommended dish – omelette chicken with some sweet chilli sauce…it was unusual, I’ve never had this dish before but the sweet chilli sauce compliments the omelette chicken. However, they have served 2 dishes with bok choy!!!

Then we decided to try their steamed fish – our fish was a burramundi…it was perfectly cooked, the meat was juicy and tender and nicely balanced with green spring onions and light soya sauce…this dish was so far a winner…

Well, we thought to ourselves – whats a chinese meal without a clay pot – so we went for the beef brisket clay pot which was a disappointment, when the dish came it just looks brown, mushy and miserable and it tasted pretty miserable too. There were lots of fats and vegies and not much meat. It was quite a disappointing dish…

We were feeling quite adventurous so we thought instead of getting your usual stir fried vegies with garlic, we went for the baked portugese sauce vegies. Alot of Hong Kong Chinese Restaurants are now serving baked vegies with this type of sauce – it’s kinda taste like curry flavoured cheesy sauce. When it arrived, the presentation was great – however the flavour was a little bland – it felt like the curry sauce was quite diluted…so I guess it was a little disappointing…

Now overall, our meal was ok – there were a few disappointing dishes but overall most of the dishes were quite nicely prepared and flavoursome as well. Now in terms of their service, as I’ve mentioned our assigned waitress was looking like she had enough of working at that restaurant – I’ve never seen her smile and she just throws plates and chopsticks on our table and sort of pass the bill to our table when we haven’t asked for it…a little on the rude side I found..

Here’s my rating:

Dining Experience: 3.5 star
Food experience: 3.5 star
Would I recommend it? Probably – we may have ordered some bad dishes, maybe their other dishes are pretty nice, so it’s worth checking it out next time!


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