Weight Loss Journey…the salads are gone for now…

Published August 26, 2010 by Mary Jane

Anyways, I’ve temporarily put the salads aside for lunch now…it was yummy for about a week then I was craving for other food, so I said to myself eat everything in moderation – I’m sure I’ll go back to yummy salads again when I feel like a vegie boost! Thank God that my feet is feeling better, I can walk normal pace now..thanks to the Podiatrist…which means I can go back to gym routine again…yay 🙂

Food diary

Brekkie – a slice of kiwi pastry cake with a cup of milo
Lunch – a small bowl of masaman curry
Dinner – a plate of squid pasta
Snack – a tiny bowl of icecream

Gym Exercise

Treadmill – 30 min
Bicycle – 20 min
Nautical rides – 20 min
Walking around 1-2km

Anyways, I constantly look at myself in the mirror to see whether I have loss any weight…Yes, I still haven’t bought a scale yet…so I’m relying upon being able to fit into my skinny jeans easier and tummy shrinking…but I don’t think I’ve lost much weight at all. It’s quite depressing and frustrating but I know I need to give myself more time…


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