Restaurant Review – Wonton House (Melbourne)

Published August 26, 2010 by Mary Jane

Evening Bloggy friends, hope this email finds you all well. I’ve had a productive day, managed to wake up early in the morning and was told that we could buy a kettle since our previous one packed up and no longer working anymore. So, I decided to head down to the gym first get my exercise out of the way and then went to buy the kettle. The weather was starting to look promising you can even see a little bit of sunshine coming out. It’s great šŸ™‚ but it only lasted for a few minutes. So got my kettle and had to walk down to our agency to show them a copy of the receipt. That’s another 1km walk and got home, I felt exhausted!!

Anyways, this particular restaurant is recommended by one of our friend, from the outside it seems quite a small place but you can see through the window that there’s quite a few Asians in there. You know it’s a good chinese restaurant when there’s lots of Asians eating there.

There is definitely a menu on the window – and wow it’s comprehensive, I briefly scan through and saw shanghanese dumplings and some noodles…let’s go in…

Inside the decor is quite nice, got some Authentic Chinese writings on the wall…

For drinks, Pandabear had the Hong Kong Style Milk Tea and I feel adventurous and decided to go for the cold Almond drink…Pandabear’s drink wasn’t too bad it wasn’t one to remember but mine was a little powdery so they must have used the Almond powder…

For lunch we decided to order stir fried beef with vegies flat white noodles for Pandabear and for me I felt like fried Kuey teow and we decided to have 4 shanghanese dumplings to share…now when the dishes arrived they were huge! My goodness, I was thinking to myself I don’t think I can finish this and would probably have to take away the left overs. The food waiting time was not too bad, the service was average, the food presentation was beautiful…you just want to dig in straight away…

Stir fried beef with vegies & white flat noodles

Stir fried beef with vegies & white flat noodles

Fried Kuey Teow

Fried Kuey Teow

Shanghanese Dumpling

Shanghanese Dumpling

Pandabear’s beef noodles looks fantastic and he said it tasted quite nice too, not oily and lots of meat and vegies too. My fried Kuey Teow looks fantastic too, I could even see the squid and prawns lots of ingredients and the noodles are not too chared, nicely flavoured. It was so yummy that we both end up finishing our noodles and we even fit the 4 shanghanese dumplings in. The dumplings weren’t too bad, not the best I’ve had but close enough…
the dishes are pretty affordable too..

Here’s my rating:

Dining Experience: 4 star
Food Experience: 4 star
Would I recommend it? Yes


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