Day 10 – Jamie’s Cook Book Challenge – Jool’s Favourite Saturday Afternoon Pasta

Published August 24, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hooray!! Pandabear heard me make some sighing noise and asked me what’s wrong? I told him I only got little storage spaces left cos all my photos are so big, he then showed me how to decrease the photo size and now I can upload another 1000s photos yay 🙂 it’s great to have an IT Guru around…So today, I asked myself what should I make – I’m moving onto pastas now…so came across this tuna pasta. Now to be honest, I’m not really a tuna person – it has a really strong fishy taste but I thought how interesting this is Jamie’s wife’s favourite afternoon pasta dish. So I went and grabbed a few ingredients. Here it is…



so I proceed to chop and slice ingredients – I was really happy to find that it requires one red chillie as I might have mentioned in my previous post I’m trying to train Pandabear slowly to start eating spicy food. Cos I love chillies and spicy food that’s what makes our food yummy. I find it strange to add ground cinnamon to the pasta dish as I thought ground cinnamon was more for sweet things. Nevermind, I persisted on following the recipes to the dot. Then I realised there’s basil in this dish – Pandabear hate all sorts of herbs and he will literally fish them out or complain about their taste. But since I’m following the recipe to the dot – he’ll just have to bear the basil taste. This is the first time I bought Rigatoni pasta, I have tried out spaguetti, penne, linguini, fettucine and ribbon pastas but never tried out Rigatoni – it’s kind of a huge version of Penne. So when it comes to adding everything together the smell is awesome and Pandabear just arrived home…

It was delicious, the tuna fishy taste is hidden by the basil, chilli and lemon juice so it was yummy. I loved this pasta, Pandabear even went for second serves and he didn’t complain about the basil or chilli! So I’ve very happy with this pasta and will definitely make it again, it’s so easy to make 🙂

Cook book challenge success? Yes!


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