Restaurant Review – Pacific House (Melbourne)

Published August 20, 2010 by Mary Jane

Evening bloggy friends, I have just finished cooking my pot of taiwanese beef noodle soup and made some yummy dumplings…post later, one of our friends is coming over for dinner. I’m nervous cos he’s into Chinese food and well to be honest Chinese cooking is not my strength, fortunately he asked for Taiwanese food which made it a little easier. So I will post the details later on when we have our dinner. So this particular restaurant was recommended by our friend, he was so nice enough to email a list of ‘makan’ places to go to and the restaurants you definitely need to try. They are mainly chinese restaurants cos he’s into chinese food. So here it is…

Pacific House, a small looking restaurant with your usual ducks, roast pork, bbq pork hanging by the windows. First impression, well the place is small and if you have a look at their walls – it’s full of colourful papers with their specialty dishes list out with price on them.

This place reminds me of Hong Kong BBQ in back home in Perth…so our friend did the honor of ordering for us, as he knows what this restaurant is good at. We had roast combination – roast pork, roast duck and bbq pork, violin tofu, soft shell crabs deep fried with egg yolk – I’m definitely looking forward to the soft shell crabs, I absolutely love them you can eat them without picking any bones out – it’s great for the lazy people heheheh.

roast pork & bbq pork

roast pork & bbq pork

roast duck

roast duck

Can I just say, the moment when the waiter brings the dishes of the roast – I was salivating…the presentation is great and it’s nicely sliced up in decent bite size – none of this huge slices messy looking dish sometimes you get from Chinese restaurants. The meats just melts in your mouth – they are so tender, juicy and nicely salted. Some roast I find at other Chinese restaurants are really salty they go overboard with seasoning and their meats well, sometimes you find more bones and fats than meats. Especially with ducks, I’m quite fussy with my ducks cos I’m a duck lover and can I tell you these juicy fat ducks are delicious! Better than Hong Kong BBQ back home πŸ™‚

Then our violin tofu arrived it is served with green bok choy. The sauce just looks amazing and these fat looking, juicy tofu – so crispy you just want to dig in straight away. The tofu is still crispy on the outside and soft and tender in the inside and it’s well balanced with that delicious mushroom sauce and oh it goes so well with the bok choy.

violin tofu

violin tofu

and then finally, we have waited for this moment…our soft shell crabs deep fried with egg yolk… was delicious, the egg yolk goes so well with the soft shell crabs and it’s not too salty as’s served with some deep fried basil and some crispy crunchy pieces…

soft shell crabs

soft shell crabs

wow the food is pretty amazing here and the food waiting time was fantastic, we got everything within 10-15 minutes from ordering – talk about speed here…and the waiters/waitress is pretty friendly – one waitress probably thought we could only speak English, so she said to another waiter in Cantonese “you better go to take the order from that table, I can’t handle English orderings..” it was hilarious and the waiter came to us and my friend started ordering all in Cantonese too!! I’ll definitely go there again to check out their other dishes…

Here’s my rating

Food Experience: 4.5 star
Dining Experience: 4.5 star
Would I recommend? Definitely!


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