Restaurant Review – Suji Sushi Japanese Restaurant (Melbourne)

Published August 19, 2010 by Mary Jane

Afternoon Bloggy friends, I know I actually blogged in the afternoon instead of night time..well, I’m so happy that my epic failure cake turned out to be a half decent cake so I can’t wait to blog this later on…Now, I had a rather productive day, cleaned the whole house, listened to some sermon and then decided to hobble my way through to QV to buy some Quilt cover for Pandabear, we’ve finally got 2 separate blankets yay 🙂 sorry forgot to mention that we don’t share our blankets, as I’m a roller I end up pulling the whole blankets to myself and Pandabear gets really cold and he doesn’t want to wake me up by pulling the blankets back…so that’s why it’s better we have separate blankets 🙂

Anyways, so I pop on my scarf and thick jacket and stared outside it’s actually a little sunny which is great and put on my little cushion band-aid for my feet it is still quite sore, no make up, no blow dry of my messy hair and stepped out! Wow, it’s so cool – back home in Perth I will have to make sure I put on my make up, brush my hair and get dressed. Life being a bum is actually quite liberating! So as I’ve mentioned about hundred times – I love Japanese food, so we came across this Suji Sushi place – day time it’s always packed with working people there so I told Pandabear we must try for dinner one night. So we didn’t book, we walked from our hotel to the Japanese place. When we arrived the person told us we have to order and pay at the counter and then take our seat. Which is fine, except when I asked for a copy of menu – he said sorry we don’t have menus, you just order from our sign board?? What?? A restaurant without menus!! How strange…anyways, we struggled to decide what we wanted – eventually I went with good old bento boxes…

I was also eying out for some sushis as well, but since the bento boxes came with sushi – I thought I’ll leave it as that. So I went with Teriyaki chicken & Teriyaki beef – wow you can have two different dishes in your bento and Pandabear went with seafood deluxe – superior bento – so he thought. The decor of the restaurant is not too bad, has the standard Japanese wooden tables and on the tables you have your chop sticks, sauces and some other cutlery. I overhead the waitress/waiters speak Chinese, and I was like oh no..this restaurant is probably own by Chinese. Nothing against Chinese but I know there’s alot of chinese people running Japanese restaurant and some of them make awesome Japanese food but some of them make Chinese mix with Japanese style food. Anyways, our bentos have arrived…

Teriyaki Beef & Chicken Bento box

Teriyaki Beef & Chicken Bento box

I decided instead of deep fried items, to opt for the fruit salad – that way I don’t feel guilty eating a large bento by myself at least there’s some healthy fruit salad with it 🙂 Now, the presentation is not bad – the taste is only ok. Teriyaki beef was average and teriyaki chicken – the sauce was really salty and alittle too thick for my liking. One more fault my rice was warm!! I like my rice steaming hot so that was a bit disappointing. However, the sushi were quite nice…

Here’s Pandabear’s bento box..

Seafood deluxe bento

Seafood deluxe bento

Now, the presentation of Pandabear’s bento box looked alittle messy, the noodles were everywhere. You can see two large prawns – but that’s pretty much the only “seafood” he has in his bento box. He stared at mine and said he should have ordered my bento box instead. So I shared my teriyaki chicken & beef with him…so the food was average. But look, the price is really cheap – so I guess you get what you paid for…I would probably recommend their sushis for lunch but for dinner…definitely not the bento boxes but just go with the sushi…I wonder why is it so popular during lunch hours – maybe cos it’s cheap and large servings…

Here’s my rating:

Dining experience: 3 star
Food experience: 3.5 star
Would I recommend it? probably not…maybe just go for the sushis…

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