Day 9 – Jamie’s Cook Book Challenge – Carrot Cake with Lime Mascarpone Icing

Published August 19, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello there, well – I actually started baking this cake late last night – I know call me mad or crazy. Pandabear stared at me as I pulled together all the ingredients and equipments he was like “can’t you bake this’s getting quite late already??” “no!! I must bake tonight..I’m in a grumpy mood must cook to make me feel bit better!!” – quite some lame excuse…anyways, I stared at the recipe especially the ingredients list – alot of things I don’t have in my fridge so I braved the crazy wind and walked out to buy the missing ingredients…I got every single one of them. I thought about substituting some spices with cheaper options and Lime with Lemon..but I thought, NO!!! I must stick to the recipe!!! Anyways…here it is…



Now in order to save some cost – I went with homebrand, I’ve once heard from a friend there’s nothing wrong with homebrand – they all come from the same large company and then they get wrapped up with different that made me rethink about me buying homebrand products…I’m so used to the branded stuff to the extreme like I used to refuse buying chemist own brand panadol as I think they are not the real panadol and have less effect…but really they are all the same thing!!

So, I thought to myself cool – I have my stick master which has a food processor so it should be able to cream the unsalted butter and brown sugar – wrong!! There’s so much butter and brown sugar that my little food processor cannot handle this amount so it just refuse to turn, after I jam packed it in..then I had to fish some out and do them in batches…and at this point I thought to myself perhaps I should have baked this cake tomorrow morning. Nevermind, persisting on, when I fished it all out it still looks lumpy – instead of pale and fluffy??? So I grabbed my electric whisk and started mixing it further and the mixture flew out everywhere!! Argh!! My mixing bowl is too small..but that’s the only one I have left…feeling really frustrated I started my sighing noise. Pandabear went “are you ok, quickly popped by and stared…” “No!! the mixture is flying everywhere…” could things get worse?? Yup they sure did…Now it’s time to stir in sifted flour and baking powder and add all the spices and grated carrots, I was struggling with mixing this mixture until I realised I’m mixing the stuff with my spatula!! What was I thinking?? My soft spatula…then I frantically went through my kitchen drawer to locate a wooden spoon and to my disgust – I couldn’t find any!! Sniff sniff, at this point – I gave another big sigh….Pandabear came rushing in and said “is everything alright??” “No!! I don’t have a wooden spoon!!”

So I had to use one of plastic spoons which is quite soft to try to mix this cake mixture…and the dramas went on…. time to whisk the egg whites until it becomes stiff. I started cracking eggs and some egg york went into my egg white mixture and some shells!! Argh….what’s wrong??? At this point, I feel defeated like the time Alvin from Master Cheff baking the V8 cake…but I aint going to give up!! Fished out the shells and try my best to fish out the egg york from egg whites and started whisking my egg whites – however it did not become stiff matter how long I whisk it…anyways, I did the best I could and threw them in to my mixture along with walnuts – by that stage I was thinking to myself, how come we don’t have to chopped up walnuts…then I realised I miss read it along the ingredients it clearly said – walnuts – chopped!! Argh…so I had to fish some out and chop them…seriously, this baking was making me even grumpier than ever!! So it was time to shove the cake into the oven and hope for the best..Pandabear rushed back again “I’m sure it’ll be alright…stop sighing I know your last name rhymes with sigh…you’re stressing me out every time you sigh…” so after about 20 sighs…it was time to check out the cake..

after 50 minutes of baking, I ran to the oven and opened the door – it smells nice and poked the cake with my knife – didn’t have a skewer it was still sticky…infact very sticky so I closed the oven door continue to bake for another 10 minutes…and when and checked it out again, still sticky so I closed the oven door and baked for another 10 minutes by that time I was convinced after this time with a total of 70 minutes baking if the cake is still sticky – I don’t care anymore it’s going to be burnt instead!! So I tooked it out…rather moist and less sticky…so I decided it was time to slice it open and check it out..Pandabear quickly rushed to the table to see my cake “it doesn’t look too bad??” “yeah but it probably taste really bad…” Pandabear replied “well, I’m sure Jamie Oliver doesn’t always bake a perfect carrot cake every time…” that’s Pandabear’s comforting words….

I figured well, it actually didn’t look too bad similar to the photos from Jamie’s cook book and it says wait for at least an hour before you put icing this point it was close to midnight, I’ve given up to be continued tomorrow for icing..

So today, I gathered all my courage and started mixing the icing together…for some reason Jamie’s icing seemed alot whiter but I followed the exact same recipe…could it be due to my homebrand cream cheese?? Anyways, mine still taste pretty nice just a little bit on the yellowy side – similar to the ones you get from cheese cake shop. Oh well, who cares…so I started whipping it on to the cake..and it’s starting to look 1/2 decent 🙂 Yay….I’ve made it…and chucked some walnuts on…it actually looks quite nice…

sorry I had to leave these lime as decorations – it took me awhile to manually juice these things..I didn’t have a juicer!

Close up

Close up

Cook Book Challenge Success? Well, kind of I eventually got there that’s the main thing! 🙂


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