Comfort Food Recipe – Colourful Prawns & Tomato Salad Spaghetti

Published August 16, 2010 by Mary Jane

Evening bloggy friends, anyways this morning I woke up early around 8am to prepare myself to walk all the way to see my GP. I was really scared thinking whether I would be in pain after the GP sees my feet and freeze my wart. Yes, I have contracted this nasty wart which is quite painful to walk and the only way to get rid of them is to cold freeze them! So my GP checked it, I was really shocked she didn’t wear any gloves and started poking my wart with her fingers. Eww…that’s why I’m not a GP, I’ll be double gloving myself before poking on peoples feet. She’s probably seen it all, so the moment when she jabbed the cotton wool bud with liquid nitrogen – it was painful 😦 but fortunately, she kept asking me questions so I didn’t have time to think about my pain rather answer to her questions. Now, apparently the pain will get worst as time progresses and I’m bound for another freezing in a weeks time 😦 so I’m out of gym routine unfortunately until my feet recovers…

So this particular food recipe – remember my Jamie’s cook book challenge of tomato salad? Well, the left overs are made into this pasta dish with a bit of my twist with left over piquant sauce 🙂

Colourful Prawns & Tomato Salad Spaghetti

Some Prawns
Some mushrooms
1 x Lebanese cucumber
minced garlic
some dried spaghetti


1. drizzle olive oil into the pan and add in minced garlic, and peel the prawns leaving the tail on and pan fried them – making sure they are only 1/2 cooked. Boil the past
2. drizzle olive oil into the pan and add some minced garlic, sliced mushrooms and diced the cucumbers, add in the left over piquant sauce – you can grab the recipe from my previous post, add in the left over Jamie’s tomato salad – you can grab the recipe from my previous post as well and chucked in the prawns. Anyways, drain the pasta and quickly toss it in the pan and there you have it a nice, simple and healthy Colourful Prawns & Tomato Salad Spaghetti…


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