Day 6 – Jamie’s Cook Book Challenge – Wicked Tomato Salad

Published August 14, 2010 by Mary Jane

Well, I love tomatoes and usually I cook them in my pasta or I eat them in my salad in which case it’s raw! I also love tomato sauce as well 🙂 So when I came across this recipe, it was like cool a whole plate of tomato salad. The tomatoes are the heroes of this dish. Jamie recommend buying all sorts of different tomatoes which also comes in different colours, I didn’t buy different tomatoes just one kind – normal red tomatoes so the colour contrast isn’t as nice but oh well it’s close enough.

Anyways, here it is…



Jamie said season the chopped up tomatoes with salt and put it in a colander over a bowl to wait for the juices to come out – how clever – I learn a new technique…

Also I have learn how to use a new herb – Marjoram – I have never used it in my whole life. It’s a nice smelling herb, can’t describe the smell it’s sweet and aromatic and I love how the herbs is furry and soft I could stroke it often heheheeh

chopped up herbs

chopped up herbs

and there you have it a wicken tomato salad – Jamie is a genius!

Jamie's wicked tomato salad

Jamie's wicked tomato salad

close up

close up

it tastes fantastic, basil and tomatoes are great buddies – they go so well together. I made extra so left overs I’m going to follow Jamie’s style toss them into some spaghetti and there I have another new dish!

Cook Book Challenge Success? Yes!


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