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Published August 14, 2010 by Mary Jane

Well, it’s been close to 2 weeks since I’ve moved to Melbourne, time really flies. Life in Melbourne is fine, apart from the terrible windy and wet weather. I do hope the rain and wind clears so that I can explore onto the streets. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to come to Melbourne, and would have never thought I would have moved out of Perth ever! So, apart from trying to be productive with my days – I’m also trying out things which I never had the time to do back in Perth. These are just some of the things that I’ve always wanted to do…go through the whole entire cook book! This would never happen in Perth, the reason – well, I’m too lazy and after work I’m so tired that I’ll just go through our fridge and whip something up. Also, another thing is I wanted to know God more and grow spiritually from understanding his word. What better time it is then now, I always feel lack in teaching Sunday school back in Perth. The reason? Well, I came to know the Lord quite late during my Uni days so I never really attended a Children’s Sunday school. So here’s the opportunity to study God’s word by listening to sermons and reading God’s word, which I try to do every day without fail 🙂 Thank God!

Also, having the time of hitting the gym can seem like a luxury or an impossible achievement to achieve back in Perth. I work day times so pretty much my only gym time would be after dinner – which is kinda impossible when all I want to do is sit infront of the TV and veg out! So having a gym facility down stairs with a pool, spa, sauna and even a steam room is just great! I have no excuses and the first thing I would do in the morning is have brekkie and hit the gym. It’s a great way to start the day. I feel refreshed and then I would follow by listening an hour of sermon, have lunch, do my cook book challenge and if weather permits I would visit QV to buy some groceries. I find the time goes real quick in Melbourne and people ask me do I get bored not working? Not at all, I try to fit in as much as I can each day so I don’t waste time. In between I would also apply for jobs, facebook and night time comes it’s when I blog 🙂

I do miss my family and my church very much, but I tell myself 6 months will go very quickly and before I know it, it’s time to go back home unless God has long plans for us in Melbourne 🙂 The other good thing is I get to hang out with friends whom I haven’t seen for ages and catch up with my brother in law’s family which is great, there’s 2 little ones there and I love kids – which reminds me I miss my 2 nieces very much! Well, we shall see how my routine goes and whether I would achieve my goals in time!

till next time…


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