Ramen Shop – Arigataya Japanese (Perth)

Published August 13, 2010 by Mary Jane

Anyways, most of you guys know that I love Japanese food and in particularly sushi – I can eat sushi everyday and not get sick of it. We have walked passed this shop quite a few times, and have never tried it before. So on a weekend, Mum and I decided to try out this Ramen place located in Northbridge. When you walk in the first thing you notice is that the place is not very big – could fit about 20-30 and at the front counter you can serve yourself complimentary water and hot tea – quite a casual restaurant.

Then, I realised there’s an upstairs section so I decided to go to the bathroom and check out upstairs…

There are actually tables upstairs as well, but nobody up there and when you walk through to the bathroom you could see some boxes stacked up – so I guess they are still in the process of preparing the upstairs section. So mum and I read through the menu – I wasn’t feeling too hungry that day, so I went for the plain Ramen and mum went for the pork katsu Ramen you can either go for the soya sauce flavoured broth or just plain -we went for the plain broths..

plain ramen

plain ramen

Pork Katsu Ramen

Pork Katsu Ramen

We were served with some chillie oil , chillie flakes and white pepper that’s quite nice 🙂

When our Ramen arrived the presentation was great – huge bowl and for a plain Ramen it’s quite decent you get some bamboo shoots and seaweed and Mum’s pork Katsu ramen looks rather tasty 🙂 However, I find the broth a little too salty – not sure whether it’s meant to be like that, mum also said to me the soup is quite salty. And we both eat very salty food, so if we think it’s salty – it’s very salty. So I finished my bowl of Ramen leaving the soup behind. It’s flavoursome quite authentic. The waitresses were really friendly and they are all Japanese which makes you think perhaps the chef is Japanese too??

So here’s my rating:

Dining experience: 4 star
Food experience: 3.5 star (broth way too salty!!)
Would I recommend? Probably for a casual dining shop…


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