Day 4 – Jamie’s Cook Book Challenge – The return of egg salad

Published August 12, 2010 by Mary Jane

Well, since I haven’t got enough ingredient or kitchen utensils in my mini kitchen – I could only make simple dishes – this recipe is so simple that I thought it will be pretty easy to do? Why cos it’s just boiled eggs served with mayonnaise. Simple enough? Not! Things went terribly wrong…



I used up the rest of the eggs in my fridge and grabbed my home made mayonnaise and attempt to continue drizzle my split failed mayonnaise into my good mayonnaise – but unfortunately, I got a little carried away and went the whole lot which end up making the mayonnaise really runny. Now I tried the trick from Jamie’s cook book to add some hot water and try to thicken it up, it did for a little bit and then it’s back to runny consistency.

As for my boiled eggs, to be honest – I never time my eggs, usually I would grab a fork and start cracking the egg shell slightly and if it’s firm then it’s ready. However, for some reason today I was rather impatient maybe cos the mayonnaise didn’t turn out. So I fished my boiled eggs out and started peeling it, I realised it was rather wobbly rather than firm – but I couldn’t be bothered so here it is…

My egg salad

My egg salad

Look it’s not the best eggs I’ve done, but some like Pandabear prefers runny york. I prefer a firmer york.

Cook book challenge success? Just….more improvement on the mayo and don’t get carried away!


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