Weight Loss Journey – Gym, Gym and Gym

Published August 11, 2010 by Mary Jane

Anyways, as I’ve mentioned earlier that I wanted to shed at least 20kgs and hopefully my goal is to be able to do it within 6 months! This is going to be hard as I’m not going to get any professional help but going to go with the DIY weight loss program. To start I must set some realistic goals.

1. Make up a food journal entry each day so I can monitor what I eat – I’m too lazy to calories counting and it make eating very miserable! Eat plenty of fruits and vegies and especially salads and smaller portions too!
2. Exercise at least for 45 minutes
3. No snacking, and for supper only eat fruits or yogurt only and maybe nuts as well but if I’m feeling hungry drink a glass of water instead..
4. Weigh myself every 2 weeks to see whether I have lost any weight as suppose to weighing every day – cos our weight fluctuate from day day…

Food diary
-brekkie – 2 piece of whole meal toast with peanut butter and a cup of milo
-lunch – went out with friends and had korean lunch – BAD! BAD! but to compensate for not eating salads for lunch I will have to eat healthier for dinner
-Dinner – stir fried bok choy with some pork mince and a small portion of yogurt for dessert

-Treadmill for 20 min
-Bicycle rides for 20 min
-warm ups and cool down for 5 minutes


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