Day 3 – Jamie’s Cook Book Challenge – Coleslaw

Published August 11, 2010 by Mary Jane

Okies, so today – my Jamie’s cook book challenge recipe is coleslaw – yes you’ve heard me I’ve never made coleslaw from scratch before. I always buy them from either KFC’s mini tub coleslaw or occasionally from the supermarkets. To be honest they taste cheap and nasty. Full of vinegar taste to preserve them and probably got a lot of other addictive and there’s absolutely no freshness in them. So I was pretty excited to find this recipe in Jamie’s cook book. Now there’s going to be some difficulty in making them why? Cos I have cheap and nasty Ikea knives set that our rental apartment has provided and it’s going to be difficult trying to chop the cabbage, onions, apples, carrots in match stick size.

However, I persevered and slowly slice each ingredients to the best of my ability – MATCHSTICK size!!!



Now comes my knife skills with crappy knives – I was pretty happy with my chopping.

chopped up vegies

chopped up vegies

Other ingredients – include mayonnaise -yay I can use the one I made from last night and then a squeeze of lemon juice season with black pepper and salt and now it’s tasting time – it was delicious, fresh, crunchy with the textures of cabbages, carrots and sweetness of apple and tangy flavour from lemon juice. Definitely no more supermarket or KFC coleslaw for me…it’s home made coleslaw from now on 🙂 thanks Jamie!

my nice plate of Jamie's coleslaw

my nice plate of Jamie's coleslaw

close up of the coleslaw

close up of the coleslaw

And so I was very happy with the outcome of the coleslaw and packed them nicely into a container to keep it inside the fridge for lunch tomorrow!

Cook book challenge success? Absolutely!


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