Day 2 – Jamie’s Cook book Challenge – Mayonnaise

Published August 10, 2010 by Mary Jane

Have I ever mentioned before that one of my favourite sauces in the whole wide world is Mayonnaise – especially the Japanese Mayonnaise which comes in a soft tube with a red cap on?? I love that mayonnaise – I can eat a whole tube just by not that bad, but definitely in with sushi, rice, eggs, potato salads, and the list goes on. So my next cook book challenge from Jamie is making Mayonnaise – yeah i know some of you are probably thinking what? She can’t even make Mayonnaise from scratch. Yup and I’m not ashamed of it either – I just buy them from Asian grocery store why would I make them from scratch?? Anyways, this prove to be a challenge when I read how much olive oil it has to go in.

My friend came over today and I’ve decided to whip up this Mayonnaise with her. I proudly took out a recent gadget purchase in Melbourne – drum rolls… yup it’s the StickMaster from Sunbeam! I’ve always wanted one and saw them on Masterchef and it was love at first sight. A combination of a stick which crushes things, a large 1L beaker for measurements, and a small food processor along with detachable whisk! It’s a must to have!

My gadget

My gadget

Now my friend and I were working along with each other and I got her to read out the instructions while I proceed to whip up this mayonnaise, so it was clear that one person need to do the whisking and the other person is to continuously trickle the olive oil and then the last step to season with black pepper/salt and a squeeze of lemon juice. Sounds easy enough? Wrong…it was an epic failure. I’ve measured out 500ml worth of olive oil and started dripping it into the food processor which my friend would press the button and off it goes. But for some reason the mixture doesn’t seem to thicken up!!

our thin and dilute looking mayo

our thin and dilute looking mayo

After staring at the miserable mixture, we persisted on whisking for a longer period of time hoping it would become creamy and more like mayonnaise rather than a salad dressing. However, no matter how long we whisked it looks the same, runny like a salad dressing. By this time, the little Maryann inside was jumping up and down screaming and kicking ‘why doesn’t this mixture work?? Why Jamie why??’ but on the outside she appeared calm and said why don’t we start preparing our lunch? Yes, food will drown your miserable sorrow away!! So we prepared a wholesome salad with our mayo failed salad dressing hehehehe and served with my left over spaghetti meat ball pasta.

our wholesome salad lunch

our wholesome salad lunch

Now, after the epic failure of trying to whip up a creamy mayonnaise I quietly put the failed mayonnaise back into the fridge and went for shopping and later got home was still devastated why my mayonnaise won’t work by that time my friend has left and I’m left with my failed mayonnaise. So I went back to the fridge, got it out and started whisking it again. Unfortunately, this time the mixture has split badly!!! NO!! So it’s time to hit the cook book and read the instructions carefully, I found out that Jamie mentioned for the first time mayonnaise makers please ensure you substitute some olive oil with some vegetable oil just incase it fails then you don’t waste your olive oil. Doh!! I have used my 100% extra virgin olive oil!! NO!!!

Anyways, proceed on reading and at least was a little comforted that my mayonnaise won’t work out for the first time. So I started from scratch again grabbed my egg york and a dab of dijon mustard seed and this time rather than measuring 500ml worth of olive oil, I just drizzled little bits of olive oil at a time. And guess what? Amazing thing happened, the consistency started to become creamy yay!! Now I was starting to get a little cheeky and stared at my failed mayonnaise why don’t I pour a little bit of this into my mixture and I did! It still turned out to be mayonnaise hooray!! Maryann jumps up and down and screams out to Pandabear – My mayonnaise works!!

Now, I’ve decided since my mayonnaise is a success let’s not waste my failed mayonnaise mixture I’ll keep it inside my fridge and I’ll make a new batch from it hehehehe..

from failed mayo to success mayo

from failed mayo to success mayo

So to all the cooks out there, please don’t give up when your first time recipe doesn’t work – persist on and you’ll reap the reward. Sweet sweet reward 🙂

Cook book challenge success? Absolutely!!


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