Restaurant Review – Makan Makan Restaurant (Perth)

Published August 3, 2010 by Mary Jane

Anyways, I’ve always wanted to try out at this restaurant called Makan Makan Cafe based in Victoria Park which sells Authentic Malaysian style hawker food. Finally, one night Pandabear and I decided to go to this place for some Roti Canai and curry. When we arrived at the place, it wasn’t very busy – it was one of the weeknights. The place seemed quite casual and more suited to the students than family dining. You had to place your order at the counter and pay for it then and there. We were served by this girl who looks Malay, she was not too bad – not overly friendly but at least was helpful when we asked about the dishes.

While deciding what dishes to order, I came across this buffet area and it still have quite a lot of dishes there. Unfortunately the buffet is only for lunch time only and apparently it’s all you can eat!

Feeling a little disappointed that I can’t have any buffet we decided to order the following meals: Roti Sardines – which is basically a type of flatbread called Roti found in Malaysia and it’s filled with Sardines, Murtabak – is a wrapped roti canai filled with minced meat curry with eggs and onion and a Randan beef fried rice.

Roti Sardines

Roti Sardines



Randan Beef Fried Rice

Randan Beef Fried Rice

Well, it didn’t take too long for our dishes to arrive, the Roti Sardine looks similar to the ones we’ve had in Malaysia and I asked Pandabear what he thinks of it. He said it was ok. Then our Murtabak arrives and Pandabear said it was disappointing nothing like the ones you eat in Malaysia. To me they taste ok, but then again I’ve never had Murtabak before. Then our randan beef fried rice came, it was rather salty – and well, you could taste the randan curry but I would have preferred them separating the curry out from the fried rice instead of frying them together. So overall our meals were pretty average. My colleagues recommended the roti pizza, perhaps next time we should try to order that. Here’s my rating:

Dining experience: 3 star
Food experience: 3 star
Would I recommend? Probably not cos the dishes and the service was quite average


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